Sunset Lounge Fashion Show

fashion © 2008 . All rights reserved.

Yeah you read the title correctly. We at Trillvision believe in expanding our horizons. Personally, I could see Heiku and Siege on the catwalk. If my After Effects skills were shop I would show you what it would look like, but instead I’ll leave it up to your imagination. Continue reading

What the Friday!

johnson © 2008 . All rights reserved.

Did you think we were going to let the primary go by without saying anything about it? Bob Johnson should be ashamed for this attack. As Edot says in the post, if you support Mrs. Clinton, no problems. But have a solid reason for choosing her, whether it you believe her qualities and/or policy beliefs would make her a great president. Don’t do it just in spite of Obama. If that’s your reason, just don’t vote at all. Continue reading

Ne-Yo – Go On Girl

neyo © 2008 . All rights reserved.

Wow [ding!]. I gained a lot more respect for Ne-Yo for this video. The “talent”! Wait… maybe the respect should really go to Hype Williams. I mean great song Ne-Yo, but the video is what really makes it all come together. Continue reading

Mz. Peachez – Fry Dat Chicken

chicken © 2008 . All rights reserved.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t laugh the first time I watched this. With that being said that does not excuse or dismiss this video. Whether it is satirical, a parody, or not,? something like this should have never been released to the public or created for that matter. You remember “Bamboozled” and the commercials for Da Bomb malt liquor and Tommy Hilnigger clothing? Welcome to the those commercials in reality. When you have a chance go to Youtube and read the ignorance of the comments posted about Mz. Peachez. Sometimes I can see where Uncle Ruckus gets his self bigotry from. Continue reading