Kid Cudi

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Kid Cudi- Kanye’s latest artist came back home to do a show at the Grog Shop. Trill being Trill of course got that good ol’ interview. Best of luck to Kid Cudi. Continue reading

Rime Royal Pt.1

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Rime Royal came to the Trill Palace to politic with old friends and introduce their newest video “Fat Rats” off of Shawn Charles’ “Full Scholarship” album. Check out Part one of two Continue reading

The Ice Bears Tour

Paulierhyme © 2008 clarence. All rights reserved.

The Ice Bears tour is in Ohio this week and so of course we had to get them on the “couch”. Watch Paulie Rhyme and Prince Po as they speak to Heiku and BGreene.
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Election PSA

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We are only two days away before knowing who our next president will be. Now for all the Obama supporters, if he claims the victory tomorrow evening we must keep our composure! Edotkom and Ashley explain what we can and can not do in detail in the video above.
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