Sex Love & Lies: Characters & Cast

Kourtney (Jessica Rich)

Jessica Rich portrays Kourtney Scott an energetic socialite and Kenndy’s best friend from middle school.  Kourtney and Sebastian are involved in an on-again-off-again secret relationship. Because of the back and forth nature of their relationship, it is hard to determine if Kourtney is angry or love sick.  Doomsloop: She falls in love with jerks who do nice things.


Kenndy (Christina Ly)

Christina Ly portrays Kenndy Sanders the artist and mother hen of the group.  She is in a mid-twenties crisis and blames sex and alcohol for all of her damaged relationships.  Doomsloop: She is only attracted to men with tattoos, goatees, and southern accents.



Mark (Vasilios Pavlakis)

Vasilios Pavlakis portrays Mark Golshan the successful entrepreneur and player.  Crazy women love Mark and he is an alpha male with a very sexist demeanor. Doomsloop: He only falls in love with women with blond hair.



Bash (Lamorne Morris)

Lamorne Morris portrays Sebastian “Bash” Washington the real estate owner who collects rent for a living.  Bash is a millionaire but lives a very modest life.  He drives a regular car and stays in a regular apartment.  However, he is known to spend an exuberate amount of money on the women he dates.  He is afraid of commitment and he considers his relationship with Kourtney to be a love affair between a sadist and a masochistic. Doomsloop: The women he dates must have beautiful feet.

Waitress (Janice Rich)

Janice Rich portrays The Waitress (Melanie Travis) who is always tired and wants to go home.  She works two other jobs and is very pragmatic about relationships.  Melanie hates technology and doesn’t even own a computer.  Doomsloop: A man must be romantic and treat her like a lady.




Jessica Rich’s break came in 2008 when she landed placement on VH1’s reality series “Real Chance of Love.” Since then Rich has been featured on productions such as “Law and Order,” “Salt,” “Brooklyn’s Finest,” “Lottery Ticket,” and “Notorious.”

Lamorne Morris has shown off his acting chops in several award-winning independent films and shorts including “April Fools” (Code Black), “One Word” (Panel Select at Cannes) and has guest starred on ABC’s The Middle.  Currently Morris can be seen in various commercials including State Farm, Taco Bell, Miller Lite, Las Vegas, Sprint, Edge and many others.

Christina Ly was previously a contestant on “Real Chance of Love” and “I Love Money 2”.  Since then, Ly has earned roles in features films such as “Janky Promoters” and “Next Day Air”.

Vasilios Pavlakis lived in New York City for eight years and attended some classes at Stella Adler before deciding to move to California to pursue his dream.  He has worked on web series, voice over projects and is featured in the film “Brando Unauthorized”.

Janice Rich is the President, CEO/Founder of Precious is Life Organization with a mission of brining awareness, encouragement and hope to the cancer community.  She is a three time cancer survivor, who was discovered in a “Labor day” internet video with her daughter, Jessica Rich.  Rich is a very talented leader who seeks to use her acting skills and experiences to motivate and inspire others.

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