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Episode 2 – Men’s Fashion

Edotkom takes on current trends in men's fashion, most importantly, skinny jeans. Watch as Siege & Heiku immerse themselves in the world of "swag". Special thanks to Q-Nice, Varsity Squad, B-Side, and the Above Boutique on Coventry.

Music from this Episode

6S - The Boys & Girls Guide to Getting Down

Miles Outside - Merry Go Round


  1. Siege Siege Siege please dont do this again..lol

  2. Siege

    Thats it I am hittin the gym tough, starting… NOW!

  3. Ash

    Heiku! I think you may be sleeping on the skinny leg jeans! Its a good look on you 😉

  4. Siege

    aww you loved it, my 300$ austrailian denim was fly lol

  5. Siege Cudi!! He was slow walking that outfit…lol

    Heiku was rocking the Miami Vice pretty well though…Looks like a dope store.

    Like the music as well…yeah


    Big ups!!

  6. Siege

    Paulie I had no choice but to walk slow in them things!

  7. Siege was scared of rippin a hole in them expensive ass clothes.

  8. Ash

    LOL!@ Speed – GET OUT OF MY HEAD!

  9. Skinny jeans are GROSS on a man YUCK YUCK and more YUCK! LOVING THE SEASON!!!!!!!GOOO TRILLVISION!
    (and yes im late watching this lol)

  10. Jian

    Siege…you realize that the store probably hasn’t been able to sell any of that gear you rocked… you ruined it for ’em brotha. Wow!

    Heiku…from this day forward will be known as the Black Crockett…

    Don’t pack that ish if/when ya’ll come out to LA.