1. PEACE to TrillVision holding it down for the OHHA…. Keep doin your thing Homies! just wanted to add some brief notes… NO PUN INTENDED :-)

    On September 20, 2008 the Ohio Hip-Hop Awards (OHHA) presented a great event for the city, the nominees, fans, & music scene within the state of Ohio. It boasted moral and brought together many people throughout the state to share ideas, business, & music. Shoutouts & congrats to all the people who coordinated the event, but there’s always two sides to a coin.

    — Our side of the Coin:

    What many others & I feel this needs to be touched on &, what’s needed besides being honored a reward. A reward commemorates your hard work, but it doesn’t mean that you may win or stay relevant next year. I personally didn’t agree with some of the nominees & winners; but we all know that politic$$$ play a big part. The REAL reward is what YOU did before an award, & what YOU do after an award to mark your achievements… whether you won or not!

    Question is…

    Why didn’t many of the DJs support, why were Ray Cash, Al Fatz, Chip Tha Ripper, & Bone Thugs & Harmony a no show?? Was it that they saw it as nothing but a “publicity” stunt full of artists, producers, etc… with no Relativity, Consistency, Hot Single, & no record sales? I’m not taking nothing from the winners, but when is it that WE start acknowledging the business side of the music industry. Its 90% business & 10% fame; although the fame is now represented with a 5 minute performance of… WHO was that?

    I can now understand why they may not have shown.

    Quite a few performers on stage lacked the real key to this music game… entertainment. Entertainment means entertaining the crowd, & giving the fans a show to remember. I think the actual artists who really put in work, should have got a chance to perform… Chip Tha Ripper, Al Fatz, Ray Cash, Young Ray, Young Shank, Corey Bapes & Chase, just to name a few. They would have defenitly left the consumer feeling that they got their moneys worth.

    Overall it was a great way for newbies (new artists in the game) to network & take pics for their myspace & for them to say “I Was There.” Whether you were there or not doesn’t define staying Consistent, & Relative. Staying consistent defines whether of not YOU stay relevant; your the one that defines staying afloat for years to come.

    If we want to put on the city and or the state, its US (the real actual ones putting in work – U know who U are) playing our part by coming together. We need to exchange information amongst each other; reach the djs, program directors, publicists, etc. together, & not have that stigmatism that he/she may get on before you. Everyone can get on, just look at Atlanta, Miami, Houston, New York & LA. They understand working together!

    Will WE???

    Remember this is in NO way discrediting the OHHA, Staff, Supporters, Nominees, Winners, or Fans.

    — This is just Our side of the coin. :-)

    2one6 Magazine



  4. Whats good! Glad ya’ll enjoyed yourselves. We appreciate your assistance in this whole process and you guys covering the event! Once you get everyone elses take on the event, sometime in the next week or so i’m going to come kick it with ya’ll on the couch and break it all the way down. Thanks to everyone who came to the event and supported the movement and our 9 months of hard work!

  5. Garbs-

    We would like to have you on the show to trill the awards. We need an insiders look on the historic event. Just let us know when you have some free time.

  6. Heiku

    Sincere- Can’t wait to get you at the trill mansion.
    Garbs- we had a lot of fun- much props to you and your crew for making it happen. We interviewed a LOT of people on the red carpet and unfortunately we didn’t have an opporutnity to get to everyone. To all of those that we missed- we apologize. Shimmy spit some knowledge on this post. What matters outside of the award is what you do after it- so for all those that we missed- keep doing your thing and I’m confident that our paths will cross again.

  7. Personally I’m unimpressed by the perceived image of “doin it”. But I do understand that a lot of folks younger than me and who have been doing this a lot less long as me might be impressed by what LOOKS like “Cats ballin out of controlllll!”
    Been around and seen too much for that.
    What does matter is cats giving good shows and dropping good music. And there’s too little of that being celebrated these days.
    I TOTALLY understand the voting and awarding process of a show like this one… or the Grammys, or Justo or whatever. And it is what it is.
    What I would be concerned about is having the integrity or even worse, THE WORTH of this event coming into question because certain artist hit categories and stages through frequency alone or some other weird attribute (ie. MC RockSomeIce did 114 shows last year…etc. etc. etc). Just being honest, but its a downer for me to pay doe and see a bunch of mediocre cats jump around with 14 of their buddies on stage in the name of GOOD-‘OL-OHIO-HIP-HOP-ON-THE-COME-UP. Or read categories like “REALLY?”, whether me or any of my people are nominated or not (and a bunch of my people were). Just saying, it takes something away from it for me. (like seeing Com win awards against D4L.. big whoop)
    I’d much rather see a top rate show of MCs, Singers and even Poets.
    I imagine myself sitting here saying “Ohh I gotta chose between Proph, Zel or the Go Live album as the best… damn they were all dope.. thats a toughy…” (obviously all cleveland but you get the idea)

    At the end of the day the OHHA board gotta vouch for and stand behind every name they accept as nominee and I know thats difficult. More difficult than I’d want to be responsible for, granted. But I came in the game in the same “Cleveland hiphop era” as 3 of the 4 dudes responsible for this jawn. To some extent, I know all these cats. And I know they know Wack when they see it. I just hope Flashy don’t start to overtake all the talent we got in this overlooked State.
    Me personally, I thought that this was what the awards was about.

  8. Siege

    Speed I understand your points but I thik you have to take an event like this for what its worth and meant to be. Its an award show that covers all of ohio, much like the grammys cover all music, thats a lot of acts/people/categories. I dont go to or watch award shows looking for “my favorite” artist to win or many times even be nominated. How many grammys did Rakim, Krs, etc etc win? I dont watch the grammys lookin for that to happen, and I dont expect a category with Proph/go live/zel(as you mentioned) to be there. At its best I think the OHHA gives people a sense of pride, brings unity through out the state(wich increases sales and touring) and can be used as a stepping stone. At its worst it can come off like a talent show which some have complained about. I understand ad hear both sides, I just think people need to take them for what they are. Dont put expectations on somthing that wasnt meant to meet them in the first place. Its like going to Pizza hut and being mad they dont have whoppers. As was expressed in the video by me and Heiku I definately wasnt feeling everyones music but I could appreciate the effort and work that was put in.

  9. RockeT

    y’all spelled my name right!!

    j/k…y’all already know how I feel anyway…

    basically I’m just proud to be a part of this…

    even with all the…..whatever that went down @ 2008 OHHA

    see y’all next year…


  10. Lou Draws

    I got snubbed…obviously the internet is either too new or too complicated for my fans. Perhaps I need to hire a new manager or someone to do marketing for my upcoming album. Someone slipped me their card at my party 2 weeks ago. Does anybody know anything about a marketing consultant by the name of Karen?

  11. No, I agree, as I said “It is what it is”.
    My only point was that for the person not vested in this event (i.e. Nominees, websites bloggers, videographers, committees, etc) at some point you gotta have a damn good reason to expect people to invest there time and money to watch some of these shenanigans that people act too bashful to talk about.
    I watch the Grammy’s hoping that one day I won’t see categories like the ones i mentioned. Sometime I get it, sometime I don’t.
    Its not about “my favorite MC’s” or even ones that I know or not, but I should be able to hit his/her myspace page and say “Damn, sons shit IS nice. His product packaging is professional. His presentation is tight and his stage show is dope”.
    I don’t have to like your shit to respect the quality of your package.
    If you can’t provide those things, why should you be a nominee or much less performing at an event like this.
    When you got people, standing around like “what the hell was that!?!”, what makes you think you’ll get their spending dollar again next time? From my perspective, that’s whats wrong with a lot of the shows in Cleveland in general. If you fuck the audience (peoples money), its hard to get em back.
    “It is what it is” only carrys so far. Its only the 3rd one so I totally understand kinks. I’d just hate to see a NEEDED event like this to lose viewership because of light being shined on so-so product.
    LoL. I think pride and unity can be achieved without everybody pretending like some of these people are real artists.
    ehh. all opinions.
    All in all, very impressive weekend.

  12. OK…First off Velo, Seige, Heiku , Sincere (all concerned) thanks for the shout! Secondly, I have to give mad props to the OHHA council for doing what they do. I am putting it out there right now…I’m on board for next year but I must say, preparations should be made now! This whole movement is a GOOD LOOK for Ohio in a whole…. And yes, there were issues (trust I know), but with time I believe that it will get so much better. The right people have to become involved. But I’m gonna do MY part to hopefully make that happen. This event has soooo much potential. I was a participant from day one and we all worked hard and lost sleep but the important thing to me is the art.

    I was talking to a well respected man whom I’ll leave nameless ( he’s a DJ, he’s a Jack of all trades and rips the stage..heh heh). We’d love to see HIP HOP celebrated in the educational sense. Cause I’m willing to bet you that a good 75% of the audience (and nominees) can’t tell you more than 2 of the elements of Hip Hop. Some of our artists are more into the image of Hip Hop than the real ART OF HIP HOP! Once we celebrate that more as a whole, as a community, as a people this event will be spectacular. Was I dissapointed in the show. Yes… but I’m bias because I will travel f**king miles for a good hip hop show. Am I dissapointed in the OHHA council…NO. I saw them work. I saw the tireless hours they spent trying to make this what the people want.

    OK blah blah yadda yadda… I could go on and on. But I won’t. Mad shouts to the heads in Ohio who respect this event for what it is and continue to support this art we KNOW AND LOVE!

  13. Oh and just to add… I honestly think we NEED an “academy” to pick the winners. This internet voting bites… Thats my 45 cents…

  14. lol what she said…. in less words.

  15. one more comment and I’m going to leave the rest for my time in the trill…….R.I.P SEAN LEVERT!
    he was forgotten COMPLETELY..thats sad….really sad.

  16. Really Lou!! Really!!! Are you serious?? It is on! It is obvious that you have not seen the latest episode of Entourage. Sometimes people just don’t know when they went to far. He the words of JT from the Five Heartbeats!

  17. Yeah, Lou you kind of crossed the line with that one. And as far as the snubbing goes it’s all good. Wait until they hear/see swatch watch. When you want to finish working on that Juicealicious track?

  18. damn velo now I got to add one more comment… my quote for the month is “You KNow YOu F*&k’d Up..RIGHT?”


  19. Lou Draws

    I’m always 100. Ready when you are. Did you put those electric toms in the track like I asked? I’ve still got to put the finishing touches on the bridge.


  21. LOL @ Sincere… gonna make me pull out New Jersey Drive baby!! My sh*t!!

    Anywho… I see you Sincere. Can’t nobody hate on you too much cause you are the Hip Hop movement ya digg? You make it happen. You are action and not words… I respect that. Oh and uh.. Mad love to Poetic Republic. They are so ill… Just saying. Let me stop LOL….

  22. Lou’s an egomaniac.

    But I still like him.

    What does that make me?


  23. Heiku

    Wow we got a lot of run off of this post. Opinions good and bad are all part of the biz. Trill gets criticized all the time (sometimes by our own crew- LOL). At the end of the day it all comes down to doing it better than you did before. Whatever you do – do that-

  24. Super Tight

    i see what the ohha tried to do in bringing the newer ohio music scene together but it could have been better executed overall it was still the best ohio hip hop awards as a package but i was shocked by the lack of artist that didnt show cuz i was ready for my bone sing a long- but they did have the major record labels(i chopped it up with some universal vp and carlo of shade 45) and media to look at ohio talent can i be mad at that- just more national talent-and less of the lesser known artist but i did hear there was drama with sincere but what else is new
    and is steph floss really saying he is a better club dj then mick boogie? props for giving Mixmaster Ice of UTFO and Scratchmaster L there props FINALLY!!!!!

  25. Smokin Non Stop

    I came peeped the scene then left for the afterparty
    does anyone know who won best female artist and best mixtape artist? saw alot of models and that damn anatasia-yeah%$#$%^ but was surprised at the joint heard ray was in atlanta finishing his album, Al was on the road, and chip and bone didnt show up-well the show must go on- did steph floss really say he was better then mick boogie? stop joking-im looking forward to the next lou video about beepers and payphones- who is gonna be the next big thing to come from the scene

  26. The GREAT thing about annonamous comments is they HOLD NO WIEGHT.
    Funny how EVERYONE on here left thier name, but someone who has my name negative out thier mouth didn’t…hahahah thanks “Super Tight” for making me giggle!
    I needed that after that “SHOW” I went to on sat!

    for those that don’t know let me educate because I PRIDE myself on my ZERO tolorance for drama at events:

    I am one of the only event coordinator that DOESN’T have to get police at my events at SEVERAL clubs/venues because at my shows I have had ZERO drama in 4 years…
    out of ALL of my clients NEVER has thier been any DRAMA directly with my clients, out of THOUSANDS of shows they have performed at combined! Hense why they still get booked on the regular and donminated the nominations 2 years in a row!

    so stop talking about things you OBVIOUSELY know NOTHING about! and if you going to talk smack, and want it to be taken seriouse…LEAVE YOUR NAME

    “If you say it, STAND BY IT!”


  27. i appreciate your comments on our performance and wish it could have a been a more put together show. thank you for you follow up of the awards. We hope to get to the trillvision coush soon also.

  28. and it’s been said that theirs beef between the Yung Millz and Gotta Hustle. their isn’t it was a misunderstanding. THANK YOU OHIO FOR YOUR VOTES!!!!!!!!!



  30. I see Victor Newman has a new residence… All I can say that I wish that in ’98 we had a OHHA and I am sure those who were around in ’88 or ’78 would say the same. It will grow and hopefully more people will work hard to make it something the state and culture can be proud of. There is only so much a few can do, so if you see something that needs to improve, make it a point to put your arms, legs, heads, and dollars behind the OHHA in 2009. Do what you can to make the awards that you know it can and will be. Go to another awards show or conference and see what they are doing and bring those suggestions to the table. Plant the seeds in your local scenes to make sure everyone is excited and looking forward to put their best foot forward from now till next September. Make sure that you know all who are involved and you reach out to them so that they know that they can depend on you to put some work in for the next one. If you didn’t win, figure out what you didn’t do enough this year, and don’t give them an excuse to pass you over next year.

    T. ogether E. veryone A. cheives M. ore

    Hopefully I can make it next year. Congrats on all the progress and good luck with what you do in 2009 (cause if you still thinking about 2008, then you already lost…)

  31. Super Tight

    my name is super tight, and i stand by it
    your name is so sinful and im sure you stand by it
    i just dont like when people are super hero’s on the internet,im sure in four years there hasnt been any problems because there usually isnt anyone at the shows
    its hard to fight air, but i agree with some of the others on bringing more talent to the show and bringing ohio together, im glad that miss controversy didnt have the two talented groups get into it from ohio that would have been ashame miss so controversy instead of sincere
    you ruined cleveland hip hop!!! please put her on the couch so i can get interviewed next to air it out!!!!

    patiently waiting to Blow!!
    stop letting outsiders in that hold no weight

  32. Internet: $80 a month
    5 min of my time: $10
    Googling: Super Tight+Cleveland+ohio+rap = NOTHING
    Googling: So Sincere+OHIO=MEEEEEE
    Googling: Added Bonus+Ohio=MY COMPANY



    AND here are a couple of quote for ya!

    “you still dreamin about it,I did it in a year
    you a ***** so I know you hate me off the rip
    You can’t move how I move,you ain’t got chips
    I can blow it and don’t miss it,i got grip….”
    “…he just a mad rapper,he ain’t blew yet
    the streets don’t feel him,I ain’t have to go through that
    I’m on fire,just got my feet wet”


    212 in the building!

    enough said!

  33. Has anyone ever googled my name before.. do it.. its a good look…

    SUPER TIGHT… the first thing I thought about was my vajayjay and benwa balls but I’m just saying. Paulie, I agree 125% I’m feeling that.

  34. Mr. A.K.A.

    my name is Mr. A.K.A. they call me aka cause im nown for bullshit. yeah thats me feeding the public BULLSHIT.

    many years i’ve been around advertising bullshit! you know i like to be known and pissed off when i cant rap my duo w/ THE U KNOW KNOWN RAPPERS! my job is to look at myself in the mirror and see im a piece of shit aka bullshit!>!

    i like to blame OTHERS for my miss happs & honor awards as… YOU RUINED HIP-HOP. congratulations to SIN! LOL

    they SAY artists didn’t come because im BULLSHIT! yeah thats me i hate it, but love it at the same time to where no one wants my bullshit.

    this is why i responded aka BULLSHIT
    wants my bullshit

  35. Greetings –

    This is d.Lorand Jackson, and I guess you could call me the chairman of the board. Interesting to see the plethora of responses from all angles. Most of you know I NEVER post on blogs, write blogs, or anything of the sort – I prefer face to face commentary, otherwise my weekly soapbox is on 89.3FM WCSB – Cleveland. But many have urged me to chime in with my thoughts/views/opinions, as our movement has grown to where I guess it sorta demands the perspective of those who are on the inside to give things clarity.

    I have accepted Velo’s invitation to come to the couch. My partner’s will be joining me. At that time we will do our best to answer all questions raised here and elsewhere, and cover all angles. But please, anyone who claims they will be “going to the couch” and letting it all hang out, do so now, state your case and ask your questions or log them here, so you don’t get left out :-)

    Just to give a brief synoposis from my perspective, the 2008 show was not all I wanted it to be from a presentation standpoint, because it wasnt perfect. My goal is perfection whenever I watch an idea I have grow from conception to execution. Definitely need to figure out how to manage time and resources better so I dont fall asleep during proofing/editing and thus miss the fact that certain categories are missing from the video presentation lol…I can laugh about it a lil bit now, but at the time I was PISSSSSED…That all comes from waiting until the last min – my mistake, but easy solution. What’s not such an easy solution is getting presenters from all over the state to be on time to the event, and in their seats at the time they are told, so that the stage runners can find them 10-15 mins ahead of time and get them backstage ready to go. That was the plan at least. Then there were presenters who swore they were coming, but didnt show. I’m open to suggestions on how to remedy that one. Let me know. As far as the comments already posted here, if you wanna know the ones most accurate from my perspective, it would be #8 by Siege, #12 Kween, #23 Heiku, #24 Supertight, #30 Paulie, and #31 Supertight.

    But overall, I’m proud of the growth and confident that it’s gonna be an A-1 presentation very soon. This was only the 3rd time anyone has every done this around here, and there is NO “Awards Show Production for Dummies” manual – trust me, I checked lol…so we’re learning as we go, bear with us please…Some on here say – fuck it, I’m just gonna start naming names now – YOU Sin – say the show was a “hot mess” but I wish you could even fathom the efforts and resources it takes statewide and year long to to be fully responsible for the coordination of all this…this isnt some rinky-dink BS from East Bumfuck, PA that serves as you’re claim to fame – shit you couldnt even 1/2 way fill up a FREE benefit concert @ Peabody’s just a year or so ago that you promoted just as long as we promoted the OHHA. You have never and could never pull off anything remotely as major as the “hot mess” you so begged to be a part of Saturday. You hang your hat on the fact that your “clients” so called “dominate the nominations” of something WE created – its how you try to sell your bullshit services to other potential clients – “I have such and such and so and so on my roster, and they were nominated X amount of times for the OHHA or won X amount of awards @ OHHA – come join my roster” so please miss me with the bullshit…I can take constructive criticism, shit my name’s on this so I have more of it to give than anyone, but don’t get beside yourself. Garbs! Paulie! Heff! D Dot ’99 is BACK….somebody betta tell ’em…

    Ya’ll ready? Cuz that right there was nothin’…Those who know me already know what’s coming when I blow thru – unedited, unrelenting, and 1000% facts. I will be naming names and putting it ALL out there – step lightly and be prepared. Do your homework and gather your alibi’s…this will be THE most explosive TRILL to date – guaranteed…

  36. D.Lorand, theres a lot of truth in that. The only thing I want to add is that I expect a lot more movers and shakers to put in work next year. NOT JUST TO TRY TO GET THEIR NOMINEES PROSPECTIVES ON THE BALLOT! They know… I sacrificed my spot as a spoken word nominee to actually work the show and I will probably do so next year! The nomination and the win is such a SMALL part of what makes this event significant. I can’t take comments from people too serious unless they are on the phone with D, Garbs, Majestic, or “Heff” right now saying “My dude, let me help for next year.” There is a bigger picture here. We could be a part of history for this scene. But it takes action. Words typed typed in a blog in irrate moods mean shit and will be forgotten. This is not a diss to anyone on here necessarily (unless they got emotional after reading, then maybe it is), this is for those I’ve recieved text messages and voicemails from to just bitch because they had no plaque. (<—is that spelled right). Anyway, made love to all. Thats just my 45 cents… Oh hell nah.. the kids ate all the f**king rice krispies. WTF!???!

  37. Oh shit not MADE love…MAD LOVE… Wow… kinky business?

  38. You wish it didn?t come to ^ but sometimes it does. I peeped the show yesterday and caught yall cats airin some folks out (and most of it was Goddamn funny). By the way, I think some of what yall were talking about on the radio is a byproduct of a years worth of illusions that ?so and so? is dope. Some of these folks REALLY BELIEVE THEIR OWN SHIT NOW. LOL
    At any rate I?m sure every year yall catch attacks from all over the place after this shit is over. Part of the game I guess. All of the chatter actually helped make the event bigger every year so ehhh.
    To Paul?s point, I think this forum IS one of many possible way to express help and ideas for the future. I didn?t see anybody here say ?Shit was wack! Them niggas blew it!!?
    There?s a defensive sentiment though and I think Siege even touched on it in the video. It goes like ?Until I do it myself, I can?t complain?. ?? Really? Cats complain about the Browns and the President all the time. Why should this be any different? Especially when people spend money. Just to make a point last year this time Garbs and Sin went at it about the awards on Micks board and ended with amicable ?Next year I?ll help? terms. One year later she?s getting her lunch ate and called out for begging to be a part of this. I just have to assume that there?s much more to that than I know but cats can?t possible be that defensive about peoples opinions about what they saw, can they?
    Rip me as a rapper, label guy, participant, or even a jealous hater, etc. if it makes anybody feel better. But at the end of the day my concerns came from the consumer standpoint. Folks like my WIFE who whipped out plastic and shelled out 20-some-odd $$ last year to put on a dress and almost get trampled at the door because she wasn?t allowed to walk in w/Me (she wasn?t a nominee). Then get in and be forced to stand in heels half the night because there wasn?t enough seating. And then me having to ?Explain? the performances like I put them people up there. How do you keep THOSE people coming? We all know the rappers, clothing people and and media will be there. Anybody willing to talk about them folks, I?m willin to help.

    Pimpin http://www.indiefive.com since ’08

  39. D.Lorand-wow!
    I am not suprised at all. New you couldn’t hide forever. You seem to forget one fact…I NEVER SAID ANYTHING ABOUT THE EFFORT being bad! (giggling right now)

    You seem to read and take what you want, your efforts and IDEA are respected, but I am NOT the only one calling YOUR event BAD over all. Just because you put in work doen’t mean the event wasn’t bad.

    and My AIDS benefit last year is prime example last year, I put in THOUSANDS of hours of work, and it did not do as well as I would have hoped, BUT I never CLAIMED to have this person or that person at my show in order to fill seats
    (ie: ohha allhiphop.com news about bone coming, announcements and bulletins about: ray lavender was coming mtv was going to be at the awards (they were at the pre party for thier made show from what I understand, not the awards itself, ray cash,chip tha rippa, hi tek coming to the awards all didn’t come true BUT you all approved the OHHA promos!! hmmmmmmmmmmmmm)

    For my event I promised Bigg Eddie Bauer, jahi, MULTIPUL DJ’S and information to help save lives…and THAT ALL HAPPENED!!

    At the end of the day, I DON’T take on clients like you may think homie…I TURN DOWN people Left and right! why?


    I HAVE worked with GH for almost 3 years, Proph for over a year, Kalam over a year, JAY FIVE for over 2 years, buck for over a year, Kjustice for over 2 years, this year decided to work with 2 new people…THATS IT.
    and NOT ONE person has ever come to me because of the nomiations YOUR board gave MY clients or company…THEY CAME BECAUSE I DO WORK!!!! AND LOVE WHAT I DO AND AM NOT OUT FOR THE MONEY BUT OUT FOR THIER BEST INTRESTS AND WANT TO SEE THEM SUCCEED.

    And my goal for all of them (you can ask) iS for them to move up from what I do to people like Violator management, KE Consulting ect. I AGAIN KNOW MY LIMITATIONS.
    and my claim to fame is one thing…

    I can’t even tell you how many times I have heard from artists I booked for the shows “this is the first time I have ever got paid for performing”-thats sad to hear!

    oh and one more thing….
    I guess thats where the difference between you and me are huh?

    The one time I chose to do business with you, you got paid, so in your eyes I am should be good business right??
    It’s funny how people forget facts when they are taking things so personal.

    If you can’t handle people talking about it, then you shouldnt have done it. Good or Bad it seems this year you all made more enemies with YOUR awards show then friends. (:)
    this is FAR from the only place people are talking bad about the awards……..hope you found time to get at alllllll the blogs and media to set your record straight.

    and you seem to forget I was on an advisory board for an awards this past year….THAT WAS 3000+ ATTENDEES so I can fathem the effort!

  40. oh and one more thing…you sound like you are saying that because effort was made no one should state how they feel about the awards or the trueth? thats kinda dumb lol

  41. and and fyi..What people wont hear is this…
    I offered to SHUT DOWN A.B.E in order to be a part of the awards committee so I could help…(ask majestic)…

    Glad someone remembers I was Willing to help…Thx Speed!

  42. ohh yeah…and I DID TRY and help you all this year..sent you over the vodka sponcorship information, talked to my boss over at yoraps.com, Offered to try and get the watch company to sponcor the lifetime award recipients, put the awards info and a write up I did in a paid for eblast i had done, I offered to have myself or one of my clients present at the awards which now the email I got makes me giggle now that it all went down.
    So should I be mad that I gave effort and you still dog me? lol wow! hahahahaha.

  43. I had to repost this from another blog on the web…if you think I am the only one saying stuff…let me fill you in how other professionals are saying about YOUR awards……

    Black Socialite says:
    September 24th, 2008 at 2:56 pm
    This was my first year attending the Hip Hop Awards and as a publicist I was looking for potential artist to market but of course I was let down. I think I went expecting more than what I received. I think for the most part I enjoyed the B-Boys on stage doing the old school hip hop dances (something finally woke me up) but was unimpressed overall by the performances and how the event was organized. I do understand that Cleveland doesn?t have money but there are ways to pull off hot events working on a dime?I know because I have done it. Unfortunately I got a migraine halfway and left right after Khadijah performed so I can?t speak on the rest of the event after that but I hope that if there is a Hip Hop Awards being planned in 2009 that the organizers will pay more attention to the small details that do have a huge impact on the attendees of the event. Maybe they need to broaden their audience to include maybe the hottest hair salon and etc?.who knows but definitely not a repeat of this year……

  44. D.L

    I always wondered where grown ups went ot just talk shit lol. now that I’m here. really what are your comments on our performance NO: “awww little kid you did good.” WE ARE GROWN NOW. I need true real life advice on how to put together a sucessful and practically flawless performance any takers. i will repost this if i have to.

    D.L a.k.a Dalomonze R.K.A Grown ass man,
    19 and ready to blow!!

  45. D.L

    oh yeah. and did anyone happen to tape the performance and if so what sites and when can i view it.

  46. D.L. HAVE YOU SEEN YOUR STUFF from FOX 8? IT’S ON YOUTUBE. there is no performance other then accapella on the red carpet. But its a hot video montage’

  47. Heiku

    You know what’s beautiful about all of this?
    The very fact that this many people care about hip hop here in our Great State of Ohio. The fact that people are so passionate about this genre of music is inspiring to keep things moving for the rest of this year and beyond. I appreciate everyone’s comments and I look forward to having those that have been contacted to get on the couch and spit it real. Trill can be silly at times but I think I can speak for all when I say that on issues like these that evoke so much emotion I’m open to speak to folks as long as we keep in intelligent and relevant. Keep checking on the site for new Trills – trust me we have a helluva season lined up.

  48. (on Speed’s point): This is a definately a forum for people to discuss and dialogue. I do think that significant ideals should be sent directly to the board and discussed offline. Forums like this tend to get to personal (see above, lol) and I think that when it becomes more of pissing contest, then the original intent is lost.

    On that subject, when dealing with the scene and more specifically the awards show, I think everyone needs to keep this a little more professional. Granted you have your opinion and you should definately expressed that to the fullest, but all this personal stuff is just counterproductive.

    Lorand and Sincere, both of who I respect and consider peers, ya’ll need to work TOGETHER!!! If that is just not possible, then ya’ll need to just keep it civil (internet or otherwise). I don’t really know the whole story and don’t really want to get into it, but both of you are very important pieces to the puzzle (whether you agree to disagree with me or not). People look up to ya’ll. People entrust ya’ll with their well being and futures. People want to emulate what both of you have or will do. 9 times out of 10 though they will remember the negative most, when you are working so hard on so many levels to make it positive.

    In my experience in Ohio the only time we really experience success is when we put it all aside and work together. When it was not about my rep or your rep, my company or your company, my music or your music, but just about US and what WE can do to make it crack. Not to say that I didn’t have my share of drama, but I can look back on that and say maybe I should have handled that with a little more professionalism and going forward I will strive to be the bigger person.

    There is a unique opportunity here to set a prescendent and build something that only a few regional scenes, for example the Bay or Texas, can be spoken of in the same conversation. That in itself is an accomplishment, but only have the battle. It will take leadership from the managers, to the labels, to the artists, to the promoters, etc. to really take it to another level.

  49. Super Tight

    im not taking things personal,just an lil outsider looking in, the idea of people coming to support the ohio hip hop awards is great, speed you explaining that whoever which artist is great because it is promotion of ohio artist to a whole new market. promote from within so it can grow out. these awards bring people from all over the state and get us recognition from all over the country, when is the last time some major label execs came to check out cleveland or ohio talent or came into the market, the award show is growing and it still was the best award show so far way better then metropolis and this year we didnt have the sitting problem so the ladies -my girl sat comfortable for 3 hours and cyrus was crazy, but i was behind miss controversy miss stats miss if your hot im gonna jump on the team or see if i can work with you somehow- what con are u using this year- when did it become popular to have a photographer your manager and where have you elevated any person’s career that you work for, is there something theyve accomplished with you that they didnt do on there own, i think proph has talent and has been wasted working with you, once again just from the outside looking in , yung millionaires put on a dope show and so did garbs but just gotta grab the best of the best -cleveland just should have been represented more with better talent, those national guys made it , im not too worried about them, but the next people coming from the scene

    im just starting but trust me sincere i know more people offline that talk bad business about you then anything you have done good, your the lost cause of promoters stick to the not so good photography

    oh yeah

  50. you still talking and still not leaving your contact info, your myspace info, your real name nada…
    Are you at the library using thier computer? Are you at work sneeking onto the internet to drop some wack comment on your lunch break???

    I can name on one hand people that I don’t work with or that don’t work with me, and the reasons are all valid on either side why we don’t work together but 1 hater! is this you hater??? HI HATER!

    at the end of the day I AM, A.B.E IS because OF THE CLIENTS I have always said that…I WOULD NOT BE ANYWHERE without them.

    A photographer by HOBBY a professional BY NATURE!

    Checkmate? hahahahaha…YOU still to ashamed to leave your real info..come on now… Please go somewhere with that BS you talking!
    I’ll say it again, “YOU JUST A MAD RAPPER YOU AINT BLEW YET” or are you some hoochie wanna be on the scene that throws her legs up does no work to TRY and get noticed and I don’t have any respect for you? hmmmm???

    tick tock tick tock.


    p.s. you know you just ratted yourself out with the proph comment right? lol you slow and still buggin I see HATER!

    You slipped up…
    this is now checkmate!

  51. To all –

    Good stuff spoken by Kween, Hieku, Paulie, and even Speed. As I said, I will address certain issues when I come to the couch, I’m not one for all the posting – this was the 1st time I EVER posted anything here, and you wont find any from me anywhere else.

    Let me make this clear – there is no WAR going on lol…that’s non sense, there is no “competition” here. To Speed’s point – as I said in the earlier post, I welcome constructive criticism. I think you brought up some valid points re: the 2007 show, i.e. not enough seating, security getting people in the doors in as timely fashion, etc..and as you can see we did address and fix those issues this year. We moved to a theatre setting with seating for everyone, got more security and a new security company to handle the red carpet crowd, split up the VIP & general addmission entrances, and got people inside in a timely fashion. But there is something to be said about Siege’s point of most not knowing the scope of what goes into this, and expecting it to be 99% flawless already, or what they envision an award show should be. Keep in mind, many of the artists, labels, managers, publicists, etc.. that we’re dealing with arent fully professionals yet. They have not grasped the concept of being punctual, paperwork and contracts, money & legal matters, etc…as many of the artists you see dealing with bigger award shows have. They have “handlers” and staff who are PAID to get these people where they need to be on time, get paperwork signed and notarized, etc…whereas most of our Ohio artists do not. There professionalism is a work in progress. And that’s ok, because one of the premises of the OHHA is to help facilitate just that. So again, constructive criticism is ENCOURAGED – I already said this – but please keep these things in mind when giving it. 99% of those who complained about anything didnt buy any pre-sale tickets, didnt get into our showcase tour, and didnt sign on as sponsors. But yet they complain that certain elements werent in place. Well folks, these elements cost $$$$ and lots of it. We dont have the major sponsors (yet) of an MTV or BET or Grammy awards. These shows have also been in production for YEARS, we have only just completed our 3rd installment.

    Now, to say “the show was a hot mess” to me doesnt deem itself to be criticism that is constructive. But then I dont expect that from you, Sin. Your involvment with the award show process has been destructive ever since last year, although I was grateful for your help in 2006 (but I didnt know you back then either.) You say you offer help – but neither I nor any of my partners WANTS your help, thats how much poison you have brought to the process. I cant think of ANYONE that all 4 of us are in unison about NOT accepting any assistance from whatsoever…speaks volumes right? This is absolutely true – ask any of my partners. Someone spoke on the fact that “there must be something else going on here” and of course Sin you KNOW there is. Do you REALLY want me to air you out??? I know being the drama queen you are, you THRIVE on this type of stuff – so consider this an early Christmas gift. But as far as this posting stuff, its over, sorry. I will no longer reply to anything on here related to this topic. Your 5 minutes of fame for 2008 are up.

    So again – yes – there is LOTS more to this story and that’s the reason. She KNOWS it – to me its not everyone else’s business, I dont like to air dirty laundry, but sometimes you gotta check people in public and put them in their place when they step outta pocket. These things have been going on since last year’s show – ever since then I have chosen to ignore her, thinking maybe that way it would just blow over. But some people I think have emotional issues and just thrive off of attention. Just to set you straight, homegirl – dont EVER in your life try to perp behind your keyboard that I am in any way “hiding” from you. That’s laughable. As laughable as 95% of the commentary you made in reply to my post, which I dont have the time or inclination to go into here. When I said I was coming to the Trill couch to air people out, I wasnt even referring to you. What I said in the last post re: you was the end of it from my perspective. I was talking about some of the artists who we had some interesting and funny issues with, which I think Ohio would find intriguing fodder. But if you want another 15 minutes of fame, I invite you to come to the couch with me – PLEASE – and we can air it all out, right there on camera. And get down to the REAL of it all, on camera, for the world to see. Otherwise, I’d advise you to keep my name out of your mouth. And dont act like you havent spoken my name to others BEFORE all this – cuz I can have all of them there on camera also to refute that.

    Paulie, I understand and agree with the importance of professionalism, but again – anyone who has ever dealt with me knows I am the consummate professional. So why would I be “taking it there” with this one person? You cant be professional with non-professionals, or those who deal from the emotional rather than the logistical. You cant have a rational conversation with the irrational. I know the 1st thing she’ll try to do is run down a laundry list of “so and so can vouch for how professioanl I am” but that’s irrelevant to me – because you have been extremely unprofessional in most of your dealings towards ME, and that’s what I base my judgements on. You say in my dealings with you I got paid – yeah, cuz that’s what I do – of course I gets paid – but dont act like I didnt cut the 2G check to get the De La Hoya/Mayweather fight for YOUR event, which is why most people came, not because it was your birthday. Cuz i heard about the turnout at your last bday party :-(

    Ya’ll adult, grown, professionals on here know – sometimes you gotta step outside and take the gloves off. It’s unfortunate but its a reality. As said up above, I will no longer play the lil back n forth internet game with this topic – no more replies from me unless she meets me on the couch to do it once and for all. I have the 2008 OHHA winner’s tour to finish planning (coming in November!) I have been taking the high road and ignoring this person for a year, but now its this simple – come to the couch or shut your damn mouth.

    “I stand behind mine, Anything I do, I’m a man, behind mine” – Hov!

  52. Super Tight

    im not a hater i just dont like you theres a difference
    i do have a job, do you?, mines is taking out the trash
    thats why im typing, no need to exchange numbers we shouldnt talk,any words could be used against you, i dont fall for your tactics seen it all before, and industry jumpoff, rappers and djs do talk, photographer- whats wrong nana aint good, thats why they not claiming you

    do i have to take it back to the 80’s
    you Suuuuuuccccckkaaaassss!!!!!

  53. D.lorand…I ACCEPT thank you!
    I will come FULLY PROFESSIONALLY prepared..
    hope you save all your emails like I do!!!!
    BLACK AND WHITE ip address and signiture stamped emails speaks the trueth over anything you and I can say in a blog!

    and you are soo arrogant (and thats one of the things I love about you) that comment about because of YOU my bday popped off…let’s go there…

    Ill bring that paper work for that too, because if you remember correctly (i see you dont let me remind you) we put that deal together 5 DAYS before my bday, I had flyers (done by another designer JUICE) and over a thousand tickets and over 25 artists performed ALL planned WELL BEFORE you came into the picture..

    BECAUSE OF THOSE ARTISTS that performed is why that party popped off…NOT BECAUSE OF THE FIGHT (that fight was just an ADDED BONUS) that was announced on a flyer on the internet 5 days before it all went down..I got the other designers reciept date stamped for that too!

    got to love pay pal!


    and as far as speaking for all 4 members I feel very sorry for those that can’t speak for themselves. Wish they were here!

  54. I think the awards went well with or without the negative comments- but thanks for the feedback thanks to trillvision for providing there services and being apart of everything. The personal stuff i can do without-
    next up the Ohio Hip Hop Awards Winners Tour-Coming to a City near You- Gotta love the ringtone deal given to Gotta Husle, and Mixmaster Ice being there, Some didnt show up that were confirmed but thank you to the ones that did, Once again a bigger and better awards show for 09-Thanks to MTV, Interscope,Giant Mag,Hip Hopdx.com, Def Jam, Universal Motown,SHade45,Asylum, SMC, Koch, Kedar Ent, and All Hip hop.com for being apart of the 2008 Ohio Hip Hop Awards- I dont know what all the tension is for but i can look on the other side of the awards being diplomatic, was it the best no was it the worst by far no, ive went to many award shows MTV, BET, Source and they are so pieced together that the show u see on tv is a far cry – so i expect the people who didnt win to have a complaint if they have a strong movement and they have worked hard, theres 2009 to look forward to and maybe they will be apart of the showcases and its program to further develope Ohio’s Music Scene, as far as i know the awards and new music seminar are the only events that Major label a&r’s come to see the new talent for the 4th quarter scramble, from Ohio, providing opportunity to ohio entertainers is what we are apart of, also giving information to artist that need information about the current state of the music biz. Big up to Ozone Mag for flying in to cover the event and compare theres to the OHHA, Speed i value your opinion as the consumer- and spreading knowledge about artist outside of cleveland and bringing together the whole Ohio Movement is what this is designed for. Paulie you know
    i value your input and opinion so the words have come in handy thru the years. I respect it. so all concerns are welcome, cuz we have been addressing the awards each year and improving, my comrads and i have worked long hours
    and the weekend was a total success from the redbull vip lounge to the music seminar at cleveland state(shout out to yonny, kevin clark, matlock, and kween)we are making people on a national and global level recognize what we are doing in Ohio. That should be worth an applause in itself. Sincere- u my homegirl but somethings have not been done correctly and that should be addressed on a private level not on a trillvision blog.-
    Thanks to everyone that helped and participated
    cuz Heff, Lorand, Garbs, Majestic
    worked hard
    and kween, ashleigh,and the whole state wide reps,
    and interns worked very hard.
    things happen
    but thats hip hop
    adjust to things that go wrong and make it into art
    and something right

    we didnt tell allhiphop to run that story
    but they took a phone conversation
    and made it news-
    thats the power of the ohha

    sorry i gotta watch who i speak with
    Thanks to
    Again & Again


  55. Wow I see Sincere is still starting drama! This is utterly hilarious! Google- Sincere + Hip Hop = Drama. Now here’s my piece on Ohha and Ohio Hip Hop in General. And I promise I will spell every word correctly lol.
    I’ve lived in NYC for a total of 11 years, I moved back briefly in 2007. I met Garbs trough a friend/co-worker at the label I work at in NY, right off the bat…cool dude, met D. Lorand, Majestik…all cool people, trying to do good for this STATE AND HIP HOP in general. This state gets no recongnition for Hip Hop and probably never will, because of Haters and people always trying to ” 1 up ” what everyone else is doing. Ohians need to be thankful that they at least have a Hip Hop Event such as The OHHA. Instead of STARTING DRAMA and complaining about the event (especially people that claim to do everything for hip hop) why don’t you get off your asses and try to do what Ohha is doing??? This show is BRAND NEW! They’ve only had 3 awards shows! Its a huge event, it will take some time to get everything in order and flowing correctly. I really don’t think you all know how much work goes into doing that show. Last year I helped out, I was busy for 3 months straight just handeling stuff on myspace and doing promo, so I know how hard D. Lorand, Garbs, Majestik, and everyone else at OHHA works, to put that show on every year. You people show be thankful that D.Lorand, Garbs, and Majestik are the only people in the entire state that are trying to make it happen for Ohio Artists, and bringing people together from every city to try to get Ohio on the map. And you all wanna sit there and be ungrateful, negative, and complain about shit, instead of doing all that why don’t you try to make something happen??? Because guess what…major players in the music business in NY and other major cities HAVE heard of Garbs and D. Lorand…but I bet they don’t know 99% of you. And connections mean everything in this music industry…believe me. So don’t burn bridges. I wouldn’t have gotten where I am today without a connection…and education ( I had to put that in ) 😉 You guys focus more on the bad than the good and there’s a term for that and it is… H.A.T.E.R.S. Instead of cutting down OHHA do something to help out to make it better. I helped out last year and yes there were some things that I would have done differently, but at the end of the day, I know D. Lorand, Garbs, and everyone else at Ohha took my opinions,thoughts, and suggestions into consideration and I give them respect for doing that. And I give them major respect for bringing everybody from Ohio together to try to make something happen for everybody, because sitting on your ass doing nothing is not gonna get Ohio noticed in the music business. And starting drama with everyone won’t get you noticed either…it just gets you retired! Heyyyyyy Kween whatcha doin’ girrrrrllll!? Also I would love to get on camera when I get back to OH Trillvision so get at me!!!! Lynsey1126@hotmail.com

  56. phoenix mnfn jones

    to the cats on the board: thanx for the vote.
    to shimmy: man we had beef in the past, but i feel wat u put out there.
    i wasnt there and it aint enuff footage for me 2 make a complaint, or congratulate.
    to dlorand and sin: we all in this together. dont 4 get that.
    to zel n g spot: next year, you already know.
    to heff: long time boy…wheres my blast?
    to majestic: i already know man…get at ya boy!
    to garbs:g got something in the oven. stay tuned!
    to donny arcade n lt moe n c wiz: Machine Killers.WHATWHAT!!???
    to john rumble n dre pesos:thanx 4 da play by play!tekset/gohard/hurten em! kinsman county stand up! SES CLEO!
    to speed n furious n paulie n heiku n siege:i miss seeing
    us get buck at the grog…niggas in the point dun CHANGED!!
    to cleveland hip hop…..i dont know wat 2 say. another year another awards. all we can do is make relevant music and grind until we are noticed.
    until then..can i get a verse from edot n ripsquad on me n zels new cd? and anybody who doesnt have the FREE DOWNLOAD for machine killers (feat production from platinum producer LT moE and MORE CLEVE PRODUCERS) feel free 2 hit me up at nixjones@yahoo.com
    positive energy activates constant elevation

  57. I appreciate everything everybody’s sayin. The drama don’t help but hey.
    LOL. Did homie just say Ripsquad. whoa! Like I told you bruh. Just say the word. Zel lives 4 house away. Not a problem.

  58. And you should be thankful that somebody is doing SOMETHING, ANYTHING for this tired ass state! I love my home ” OHIO ” but damn everytime I come back there ain’t shit going on but DRAMA! Do you all realize what you are doing to this state and its hip hop scene? People from other major cities laugh at ya’ll! Aren’t you embarrassed??? It embarrasses me! I have defended my home state for years and the artists coming out of it, and I’m sick of these haters and drama filled bitches that start all this shit and embarrass our state and its artists. It’s a shame, because there is MAJOR TALENT in OH but no one ever see’s that because you dumbasses are too busy trying to be drama queens. It sickens me to see that nothing has changed and the root of all this drama ALWAYS leads back to one person! I’m so thankful she has retired but here’s my question…How do you retire from nothing??? Please let me know, because I would love to do nothing and retire from it! People like me, D.Lorand, Garbs, and several others have been in this business for YEARS, it isn’t some hobby we started do 2-3 years ago, we live for this and breath it, its our life, and its sad that one bad apple has tried to ruin it all for every artist and gave the Ohio Hip Hop Scene a bad name. And this is exactly why a lot of women still don’t get respect in the music industry to this very day. They are known for their drama more than their work. I have never in my entire career ran into drama until I came back to Ohio. And it was all started by one person, that didn’t even know me, never met me at that! People sould learn to respect their elders in the music game.

  59. There are possitives and negatives to the entire awards and people that have time and money and energy (other then those that put this together) are upset not because they didn’t win, but because they expected MORE from 4 power houses.

    There are some things yes I have said wrong and talked with emotion instead of just sticking to the facts.
    But I Do THIS for hip hop, I am not sure why people still don’t get that. This is about my people, my culture my LIFE. This isn’t just a game or a hustle for me. And when I feel like the system let HIP HOP down, and so many others down then YES I get angry. YES people get mad.

    Some things were good, people showed up, pretty much no seriouse drama, some media was there and a few majors outside the city came through. Some of the right people won awards, and all the right people got nomiated.

    I HAVE BIT my tongue for YEARS because of my clients, because they are also MY FAMILY because Thier well being comes first not my own. I gave some people more credit and power then they really have.

    BUT, now I am free to speak my mind, and I can not wait to talk about everything and finally set the record straight.

    At the end of the day, the OHHA win or loose, it doesn’t make or break anyone! that’s why I am not mad about the losses I am dissapointed in the process.
    I personally and professionally EXPECTED MORE especially from these 4 individually, you each hold your shit down, together for some reason it can’t get quite right!

    and people need to remember this:
    YOU would have NO AWARDS.


  60. Why do you always say you do it for your people, the artists,and their well being??? You are the one starting all this drama and making them look bad! You’re the exact reason why nothing will ever happen in a major way in Ohio! You focus more on starting drama than your suppossed clients, you are putting their careers at stake not yours. Then try to misconstrue words around to make yourself look like the victim and the savior of Ohio Hip Hop. Be realistic. We have been doing this for YEARS and we have had NO DRAMA until you stepped in. What do you think we do this for??? Well let me tell you… WE TRULY DO IT FOR HIP HOP AND THE ARTISTS. We don’t do this just for show, we don’t sit there and say well I’ve done this and this and this and blah blah blah. We do it for the artists. We are trying to put Ohio on the map. There is talent all over Ohio and the are overseen because of all this drama. All started by YOU! So don’t feed me that bullshit that you do it for hip hop and the artists because nobody buys it anymore, you do it for self gain and attention, and most importantly just to say ” You did it” Its sad that you are know for drama and none of your work. And thats the truth. Everybody see’s right through that I do this for Hip Hop bullshit and they also see right through your little sucking up moves you try to pull with every person you come across in the industry. Trillvision, Kickdrums, etc. I speaking for myself and I’m sure I speak for plenty of others when I say YOU WILL NOT RUIN OR GIVE OHIO HIP HOP A BAD NAME ANYMORE! WE DON’T WANT TO BE ASSOCIATED WITH DRAMA AND NEGATIVE ATTENTION THAT YOU BRING ON!

  61. You know I wasn’t going to say anything you not worth my time to respond to…

    THE KICKDRUMS AND TRILLVISION have NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS arguement you are trying to suck me into.

    I may have been cool with someone from either of those camps BUT thats it…THEY HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS.

    SO…If you coming at me THEN COME AT ME I would suggest you be a PROFESSIONAL and leave anyone else out of it.

    Who I am affiliated with, associated with ect have NOTHING TO DO WITH how I feel or WHatever ISSUES people have with me personally.

  62. I am a professional that’s why I have gotten as far as I have in this industry…somewhere you’ll never be. I’m not bringing anybody into it I’m stating FACTS that EVERYONE SEE’S AND COMMENTS ABOUT. So don’t try to flip my words around like you ALWAYS DO! You look like a bafoon. You are THE MOST UNPROFESSIONAL PERSON I HAVE EVER CAME ACROSS IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. You make yourself look horrible, so nothing I say or do will effect that. I’m stating facts. You preach professionalism…lol you have not a clue what that means, you have not one incling of what it takes to make it in this industry. I really wish you had a clue because you would just be quiet. And I am worth your time to respond to, because I didn’t even know you and you came at me with drama, for NO REASON WHATSOEVER, so I am worth your time. Every dog has their day. And today is your day. We are all so happy you will no longer be involved in Ohio Hip Hop. Thank You, you did us, Ohio Artists, and the Ohio Hip Hop Scene a favor by retiring. And we will forever be thankful. No more drama. Now we can focus on important and releivent things for Ohio Hip Hop. You will no longer ruin it for us.

  63. I feel sorry for you.

    You give me WAYYY to much power…RUIN an entire STATE of hip hop WOW! lol THATS SOME POWERFUL SHIT!
    Maybe I should run for president if I have that much power!

    The truth will come out and thats all I got to say…

    “the trueth shall set you free”

    I didn’t go NO WHERE just taking a break to set the record straight once and for all.


  64. Ripsquad…classic

    What’s good Phoenix? I’m still in Cali homie, but I will be back through this Fall on the Ice Bears Tour with Prince Po and Edreys (since we plugging…lol). Heard you and Zel was doing the collabo album, sounds dope, let me know when it comes out.

    Yeah the Old Grog (If ya’ll didn’t know, the Grog you rock at is part 2) and the old Peabody’s (both of them, there used to be two before the one by CSU, do your research) was the illness. When need to get some of that show footage up on Trillvision. I know Velo got like 30 tapes of some Kings, Lyrical Lyfestyles, etc. Chop that up!!!!

  65. I hope you guys will be at the Symposium tonight for the Scribble Jam event… yessir. Hip Hop for that ass. Oh and maybe this is off topic but I just rediscovered Black Milk again for like the 3rd time… had him in the CD’s out of rotation for a minute and then popped him back in… My goodness he is a beast… So off topic but yeah. Aint nothing like good hip hop. Its so necessary!

  66. Paulie I am working on editing up some old school Cleveland hip hop stuff. I am not sure when it will be done but I do plan to showcase how things use to be back in 2000ish.

  67. Black Milk is so ridiculous, He’s producing for some major artists right now. His beats are amazing.

  68. Dude I’ve been bumping Popular demand for the past 3 days. And no one feels me… I swear chicks just think I’m wierd!! I can’t vibe with them unless I’m on some Chris brown (although I love him) or some Usher type shit. Chicks be walking down the street fixing themselves thinking I’m a dude who is approaching them. I’m like B*tch please…. ease off mah! Ya digg???

  69. the new music seminar is coming oct 31st and nov 1st
    15major label a&r’s
    crown plaza hotel
    looking fo ohio talent
    the ohio hip hop awards providing opportunity for midwest artist to get noticed.

    The Hardwork from the OHHA will further develope the movement for Ohio Artist-

    Check out the results of the winners and runner ups

  70. Yeah, Black Milk is that ish. You got to get the Preface too. Elzhi is that dude. The Bar Exam is not that bad either although I think that Royce is doing his best ganster rap rendition…

  71. D.L

    What are your comments on our performance NO: ?awww little kid you did good.? WE ARE GROWN NOW. I need true real life advice on how to put together a sucessful and practically flawless performance any takers. i will repost this if i have to.

    D.L a.k.a Dalomonze

  72. LOL….hey guys DL is not playing… someone tell him something… I holla’d at him already on myspace… We got an artist getting at the vets… HOLLA!


  74. phoenix mnfn jones






  77. Whattup NIX JONES!!! Dude, the combo of you and Zel should definitely pop. Ay, I had y’all on CLEVELANDS MOST WANTED together!

    Yo, I couldnt make it to the awards (I was dealing with some real life drama), but I can try to piece it together from teh clips and what I’ve heard. Always positives and negatives when you post-mortem any event in hindsight. I’m sure y’all cats doing your own analysis of what you want to do better…it HAS gotten bigger and better each year (last year was pretty fresh). From what folks are telling me they were disappointed in the selection of performing acts (other than my man Garbs who always rips shit..I heard positives on that dude).

    Paulie, whattup fam…good luck trying to peacekeeper. That’s a good look for where this was (is?) headed.

    I love the fact that Cleveland has OHHA…like Lorand said, it’ll grow with the help of constructive cats and despite destructive ones. Just make sure y’all stay open to the constructive (as you have on this post).

    Guess it’s plug time!!! BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR THE DEBUT VIDEO FROM I.V. LEAGUE, “FAT RATS” directed by my mans an’ ‘nem VELO AND CGAINES at VELOCITY!!!


  78. I’m still salty I wasn’t in the video… I mean aren’t I IV LEAGUE (unofficial,lol). Aint I’m on that album? I mean got damn. You know what would be hot?? A 12 Monkey reunion at the NEXT AWARD SHOW!! Please believe. Then let Poetic Republic do their thing! And we need Spoken Word to open that shit up… got damn let me get my fangaz dirty d.Lorand. You know I can do it. YOU gotta know.

    Oh by the way Queen’s Epiphany soon to be released tentative November 29th. Album Release and Birthday Party for yours truly!

  79. When are you coming to NY Kween??? You should come stay for a week, I can get you some bookings. I got an extra room, Is your girl still coming?

  80. No she isn’t but I would love to get there… I want to wait for my CD to be done though… Black Ice has been staying there for a minute on business and it would be great to work some magic with him (I know he’d be down). I want to send you some tracks from the cd though to get your honest opinion… I’m thinking January.. (got damn it will be hella cold) but I have so much going on the next couple months…

  81. We are a new site to hit the net and just getting to learn the movers and shakers in the OHIO Hip Hop scene. From reading these posts there is alot of passion on Trillvision as well as the OHIO HIP HOP Scene. Congrats to everyone who put on the awards and continue to keep the HIP HOP scene movin’ in Ohio. Make sure yall come by and check us out. We have alot of networking going on as well. Would luv to get some feedback on what yall think about the site. Stay up yall!

    Peace & Luv,

  82. majestic

    Guess its about time I speak my peace.
    1. I am extremely happy with everyone that came and participated with my event, never have I seen such unity in my state or my city. I’ve worked and talked with so many different professionals over the last 2 years and will make efforts to include more of you in the promotion. I would like to thank all of our sponsors, hotcards.com, exclusivefits.com, ruleofnext.com, the rock hall, crowne plaza hotel, mathaus entertainment, hush money management, advanced custom sound out of warren, king ape ent, urbmob.com, scion, yoraps.com, z107.9, and of course the trillvision mobstaz… also a big round of applause for our staff, ms storm really did her thing backstage, if anyone needs stage help ill get u her #. All the interns who put in work for the cause, I spent a lot of time with yall, thank you sooo much…

    Everyone that came just to be there, it means soooo much to me, and for those with complaints please mail them to me, majestic@ohiohiphopawards.com , I will use them to make a better show for YOU next year. There are many things that could have went better, ill be the first to say that, but this is not an easy endover by any means. Your comments drive me to provide a better show next year.

    Sincere, lorand, both of you are friends of mine and I hope that this issue can be resolved. As far as sinceres involvement I will say she has contributed to the cause by networking with me and by her support. At the same time, she has put herself in this position by choices made in the past. I think both of yall can do better than airing out yalls dispute on the trill couch. Its called a phone, a direct conversation between you 2 to settle your differences and move on. This will be better for you 2 professionally and for everyone that you do business with including myself amongst many others.

    Speed, please let your girl know that there is noooooo more standing at award shows lol, that’s one lesson we learned from last year. I understand your views on the talent. I’m sure we both share many of the same views on that subject, but the performances at this years show were the best I’ve seen state wide.

    As far as the no shows, that is also fine with me… some of the artists just couldn’t be there, they were out of town or busy. We aren’t at the point where we can book flights and hotel stay for the nationals, or pay for kat williams to host our event. We are still grass roots, and we are still growing. I also feel that we do this event to help artists, not ourselves, ill be the first to let you know that I will not be rollin in an 09 anything nor am I eating lobster and shrimp. This event has major overhead and a lot of my personal money went into making this possible. This has been a 3 year voluntary internship for us.

    We are not bet, mtv, vibe, the source or even ozone. We are four men from cleveland trying to put on the best way we can, through hard work and communications. Yeah I was hurt by some of the locals who didn’t show up, and by some of the comments that they made, but I do still appreciate their works and what they do.

    I do want to make one thing clear…. Don’t be afraid to contact me and tell me your complaints! Many of you are friends and peers, and I do respect your opinions very much. There is no need for you to hide your thoughts or post them on a blog for others to read. Feel free to contact me about any concerns you have and I will work hard to correct my errors. That’s one thing I appreciate from sincere, she calls me and tells me what she thinks is wrong with the promotion. By no means do I feel that the event went perfectly, but I do feel that it was our BEST year to date.

    To anyone who wants to contribute to 09 or work with us on something they think needs improvement please call me – 440-610-6567. We can build for the 09 season early and make some real noise for the state.

    Once again thanks to everyone who is helping to make the awards a real threat in the future. To those who don’t want it to happen, do your best to stop us, Godspeed .

  83. Wowzers!
    I am glad to see everyone has something to say about the awards…

    Since I’ve been living Cleveland Hip hop since Paulie Rymes was throwing shows at the Garden (way longer than you) I am going to bless you with this…..

    Never In my 10,000 years of Cleveland hip hop have I been so proud to see people working together to bring an event of this magnitude.

    Obviously there is somethings that need to be worked out in time.

    I feel There should be b-boy, graff, mc and dj battles for the title. I also think the awards would lose alot of credibility if you took voting away from the people.
    (Just like if we didn’t vote for the prez) unless the committee consisted of only Silver B and Al Porter. ha ha

    You should list the reasons why each person was nominated along with bios and music. Also list their margin of victory. That way before you say you deserved to win you can see how bad you got whipped. ha ha

    Internet voting allows the greatest exposure and control. That being said if artist don’t get their fans to actually go online and vote they will never win(even if they deserve to) so in essence it is like a promotional showdown.

    When you throw a show this size (or much smaller) everyone that has ever hooked you up appears with their hands out.

    I know the feeling from both sides of the coin…

    The first year I didn’t go because I felt like because Majestic and a couple other nominees and major Cleveland hip hop heads started on my shows “the fresh style tour”
    I deserved something special (at least a free ticket DAM!)

    The second year I stopped in cause I got nominated for best website and was going to get a bunch of interviews from people. I was really blown away by the amount of work and time put into this event.

    What a lot of people do not understand is if you do not like the Ohio Hip Hop Awards you can throw your own BLAH BLAH awards show too… It’s easy. Just quit your jobs and work for the next 9 months for free with a chance of making a profit if all goes well….all the time battling haters and mentors alike…each feeling they deserve something….and maybe they do????

    Politics – The reason I had to chill on throwing shows.

    I am glad Bone , Ray, and so many other Cleveland headliners that really never put work in on the local underground level didn’t show up.

    It proved to all of us that they are not interested in our album sales or our lyrics but rather like all great politicians there only true concern is keeping the power structure in place.

    Well if you google Cleveland hip hop now a days you don’t get Bone…you get Cleveland hip hop…
    B-boy Bobby Champagne

  84. it just occurreed to me that Kween mentiona a 12 Monkey reunion..WOW.

  85. I do think you touched on some very good points especially Al porter. He is not always shined on as much as he should be and he is a person that people should get to know.

    Just and FYI though…A member of BONE did come to the awards…DJ ICE.

    but I have to say something about the comment to Bone and Ray…

    I have been to hundreds of shows over 4 years, and I have seen many nationally recognized artists and producers support the underground scene….

    from DJ Ice (who yes came to the awards) Bizzy Bone, Chip Tha Ripper, Young Yonny (who came to the awards), Ray Cash, Skant Bone, The Kickdrums (who came to the awards),Al Fatz, and others have come to regular underground events/shows in support of the scene.

    They were not performing, they were not getting paid, but they came to smaller events in the city.

    This awards was a STATE WIDE event, not the underground awards. (WHICH IS SOMETHING I EVEN NEGLECTED TO REALIZE AT TIMES)

    I was dissapointed that Bone members were home and didn’t show and that Ray did not come and support…but Ray did come last year. For whatever his reasons for NOT coming this year that I can’t speak on I have no idea, I heard he was at home, heard he was in L/A heard he was in ATL so I really don’t know…only ray and bone know those answers.

    BUT I have seen him support the underground scene MANY times on his own.

    Bone and Ray have put in work, even though they didn’t work the underground scene like some when they were getting on, they rep CLEVELAND ALL DAY, and for that a lot of artists should be thankful, many artists and DJ’s have left this state and don’t mention they came from OHIO. Which is really sad.

    Exposure to the mainstream and out of state outlets IS helped by majors like Bone and Ray and Hi Tek and others getting shine NATIONALLY when they state they are from OHIO.

  86. Sincere I swear this forum would be boring without you haha

  87. Not trying to be rude, but who cares if Ray Cash doesn’t support OHHA, because honestly not very many people even know who he is outside of Ohio. I’m gonna get in trouble for that….lol. But it the truth. When I ask people if they know who Ray Cash is…9 out of ten don’t. And these are people that work majorly in the biz. I think it’s kind of disrespectful to not come to an event in your state …when they are the only people that support you and know who you are in the entire United States. I’m gonna be gettin’ people mad with that one…lol but I don’t care it’s MY OPINION. How many people in Cleveland/Ohio knew who Ray Cash was before he got signed??? Be honest. Did you ever see Ray Cash doing underground shows in Cleveland 5-10 years ago? He just magically appeared out of nowhere, from what people have told me. And these people have been in Cleveland Hip Hop for 10-15 years.

  88. bboy-lol I just love the scene over all…It has been truely a blessing to come here and do what I do and be able to help as much as I can (even though people think I don’t do anything or work with anyone I feel differently)
    I can respect opinions absolutly, as far as ray cash…well, he did sell more albums outside the state then in the state, and I know majors that ask about him and what he is up to (ie: a&r friends, media people ect) that I come in contact with…Clangin and Swangin his mixtape with joey and the kickdrums is forever a cleveland classic, and he may not have done shows here, but he got on…and he helped bring some much needed shine to Ohio..even if it was 1 person…same thing with bone, I remember 3 years ago, Interscope actually had a rep based out here that was the first time (i heard this from vets) that a nationally recognized label had a base here in years…
    All in all….I give mega props to ANYONE who keeps it 100, and reps where they truely came from..Some people may not like how an artist got on but they did, and some people may not like that fact that they are on but they are, and whether we are in support of them or not…they stay on…
    I think its kind of funnny (this is not directed to anyone on here just a general statement) but when people say that Ray is this or Ray is that, but they turn around and want a colab with him or a pic with him that stuff is AWESOME to see, because hate it or love it…he has done what most up and comers want and wish and wait for…from B.E.T videos, to national campaigns, to real radio spins to people financially believing in his work, all things one of the other some if not most up and coming artists want one day…and he did it.
    and p.s. get mad if you want but it did hurt (whether you know it or not) that so many nationals didn’t show…Especially with media outlets…and that sucks because there were some amazing up and coming artists producers and djs in the building that miss out on exposure because of the politics and masses requirements and standards.

  89. Bobby what up homie!! You taking back on that one, lol…

    Well said Majestic, well said. Hopefully we can build when I am out there homie. Keep fighting the good fight.

    As far as Bone, Ray Cash, Avant, etc. if they show up, they show up. Unfortuantely you can’t expect someone who is from Cleveland to always be at everything Cleveland (or Ohio in this case). You can honor them, their contribution, and what they have done to bring some national light to the city and state, but at that level, priority in your schedule keeps you eating.

    As a fulltime artist, you have to plan your schedule and your budget accordingly. If it doesn’t make dollars, it doesn’t make sense, literally. Everyday you are not working, you are losing money, which cuts into your bottom line, which cuts in your bill money, which cuts into your luxury money, which cuts into all the going to events, etc.

    Everybody is on the frontline repping hard, some locally, some regionally, some nationally.

    I remember when BTH was Bone Inc and had the red tape and everybody was dogging them out, calling them wack, etc. Then they went to LA and blew up, then everybody was scrambling to get on the Bone wagon. They could have said, fuck Cleveland, we from LA and kept it moving, but they have rep the 216 since day one. They did and still do the best they can. I just seen them dudes on VH1 last night repping Cleveland. Cut the rellies some slack…

    I think that may be a good topic for next year’s awards. That one is for free, the rest I will have to charge you…lol

  90. Ray got dropped from the label right??? So he’s in the same boat as any other indie artist in Ohio right now. He had one video that was played on BET like twice. Please show me some stats of his record selling more in other states. I really can’t believe that. It doesn’t matter who produces your album or who you work with in the industry today, it’s about being known. I know plenty of artists who have had tracks produced by Dallas Austin, Timbaland, Pharrell, Kanye, etc. and people still haven’t heard of them and have no clue who they are. You need a strong fan base, a label backing, marketing to the masses, and major tours overseas and in the U.S. to REALLY make it. Don’t get me wrong it’s good to have a known producer, but it won’t make or break your career these days.

  91. I might have came off a lil harsh on…Ray Cash and BTH and ect. (national acts).

    I just thought their presence would have been inspiring to many artist. I still love their music and don’t want to sound like I am trying to detract from their amazing accomplishments.

    If they had been able to make it it would have been a great show of support for Ohio and for all the people that play their music in these Cleveland streets.

    I don’t talk to anyone directly so I am sure everyone has great reasons or reasoning for not coming…

  92. BTH, I could probably understand why they couldn’t make it they are a major act well know by millions all over the world, but some of the others should have tried to make it, because they aren’t even near the level of BTH. I understand people may have other prior engagements, hell I did, but I’m not an artist. I think some people need a piece of humble pie and need to be brought back down to the level they are really on. Those artists are the exact reason Ohio will probably never have a market for hip hop. No one wants to build and work together, they are concerned strictly for their own career, and could careless about anyone else in Ohio. That’s why I’m glad what OHHA is doing, they are trying to do a good thing.

  93. Ray did not get dropped from his label as of last reports but something may have changed in the last few months so i don’t know…BUT here is some fun facts on ray cash:

    Ray had 2 videos (with budgets) on B.E.T sex appeal (which if I am not mistaken was playes on B.E.T uncut first) and Bumpin my Music feat. Scarface. Both off C.O.D.

    His numbers in ohio were WAYYY less sales in Cleveland then the southern states I wish I could find the reference right now, but it was sad to see outsiders support his album and cleveland didn’t

    *Bumpin my music the single peaked at #56 on billboard.

    and also: Cut and pasted from Shalik Berry’s bio:

    In addition to his Def Jam responsibilities, Berry is looking to build on his own legacy. Along with Ray Cash, he launched Recognize Real, which is their production/management company. With a few producers already signed and labels already requesting beats, it seems like Berry has a promising future.

  94. 82 CASH*RAY C.O.D. (CASH ON DELIVERY) 11,260 -53 23,849 35,248 Billboard 200 – 7/12/2006

    41 CASH*RAY C.O.D. (CASH ON DELIVERY) 23,849 999 137 23,988
    Soundscan / Billboard Album Sales 07.05.06 – 3121 Week 15

  95. I feel you Bobby. Its definately a good look, but that should be more the icing on the cake.

  96. Thanks for the facts. But people in Ohio don’t buy his records because they never heard of him until Bumpin’ my music. He came out of nowhere. He ain’t pushing major units. But I wish the best for him in his endevears.

  97. OK… off of Ray (lol… thats my homey)… YES I SAID IT a 12 Monkeys reunion at the Hip Hop Awards!! It needs to happen. It would be great! And I’m sure Paulie would fly in for that one…

  98. hmmm Ineresting……

  99. interesting indeed… I’m about to make a t-shirt… I’m finna tattoo it on my left BOOTAY cheek. Holla!

  100. I would very much like to see that, have heard and sounds like a master plan there Kween…

    and I need to do some shameless self promotions here….lol
    Sorry a head of time!!! lol…

    Coming soon the mega colab:

    “Love you So”
    Buddy Boie(OH/GA),Catalyst(NY),Paulie Rhyme (OH/CA), Phoenix Jones (OH/FL),Machine Gun Kelly (OH/CO), Mr 44(OH)

    Produced by The Sound Teckz
    Executive produced by: So Sincere


  101. Well since you are plugging… heh heh…Just finished a HOT TRACK for MY CD…


    Its not even mastered but its so ill… I’m talking its so sick you gotta go to DR HOUSE to get a cure for the illness my dude,LOL

    OK anyway

    I’ll give it a tentative title…nah fuck it I can’t but it’s yours truly Ms. UndergroundKween, Rime Royal (Speed and Jay Floyd yezzir), and Dapper AJ from the ILL Disciples with production from RMS Trizm from Paris, France!!

    Oh yeah RR I had to let Dapper get in on that track… he brought it in right where Jay left off… NASTY!!

    So Ill you need an MRI for that sh*T!!!

    OK… I’ll calm down now.

  102. That’s cool Kween. Jay didn’t see fit to give me a copy anyway. *rolls eyes*. Velo got a sneak peak though. And yes its dope. We expectin that from the whole LP. Stakes is high! No pressure or nothin though. lol

  103. Yes Kween I had a chance to hear your song last night. I am very impressed. It reminds me of some photos I saw on myspace the other day (outstanding!).

    This is just a reminder to check out Edot’s message board. There is a section for trillvision related topics. Up now is our request for suggestions to the site as well as the Camp Lo version of the Feelin’ It song. Check the link or top of this page:


  104. Velo, I know your my soulmate and everything but can we not talk about those photos….

    Yeah.. The pressure I know..LOL. I’m not ashamed, scared, or presumptious to say that my CD will be top notch. Most spoken word cd’s are played once in a blue moon… I mean… who really bumps spoken word (other than a maybe Sual Williams *Black Stacey: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kRsgavuG4sg I bump Black Stacey on some REAL SHIT*, or maybe Ursula Rucker: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rsLxyI9d6yw ), but mine you will be quite impressed. This I know. Nuff said.

    So about dem OHHA awards…LOL

  105. Oh and Speed I’ll send it to you once its complete….ok!!

  106. Since we’re plugging….EVERYBODY CHECK OUT ILL POETIC AT http://www.myspace.com/illpoetic AND HIS NEW MIXTAPE ” NINEINCH NAILENS” ( Nine Inch Nails Meets Outkast ) IT’S BEEN GEETING GREAT REVIEWS! Also get at me if you’re looking for production!!!! LOL. Lynsey1126@hotmail.com…….Now back to our scheduled programming…


  108. Illpoetic is that dude… also produced part of my CD 😉

  109. I know!!!! I can’t wait to hear it!

  110. Hold on…did I just notice the conversation flip to a 12 Monkeys reunion Concert?!?!?!?!


  111. I think it did. We could make it the 12 Monkey reunion/Iyan Hole in the Wall tour”

  112. This post is officially the Trillvision tipping point…115 replys. wow




  114. I take credit for it… Its spelled K-W-E-E-N… thanks. I so so appreciate it. LMAO!

  115. Ray Cash is still signed to Sony Records-
    And has been back n forth staying in Atlanta for the last month and a half-
    Ray Cash is a friend of mine- And told me in advance that he would be be able to attend the Ohio Hip Hop Awards well in advance-he has a recording deadline-to finish his album so it can be released in spring of 2009-and he is in atlanta finishing his features for the album-so expect more Cleveland Music on a National level-as for Bone-i also work hands on with them. Krayzie Bone missed his red eye flight to attend the awards-and truly does support the Ohio Music Scene cuz that’s where Bone came from-we have had many of conversations on how the scene is finally coming together-and has signed artist from Ohio to do his part and show them the world. Bone also has a deadline with Interscope records for a tour and new studio album entitled Uni5ve with all five original members including Flesh N Bone
    Due out April of 09-and a National Tour starting in Australia with Ice Cube this month. Lyfe Jennings was on the Heineken Red Star Soul Tour-previously booked 4months in advance(Shout Out to Matthew Knowles for keeping the Toledo Native Out There) so yes Beyonce dad manages Lyfe.-Avant was in Cleveland Thursday Sept 18th- & Was previously booked for a Baltimore Show 4 months in advance-he gave the Ohio Hip Hop Awards
    A big shout out on the Radio-Ive Talked to him personally and also our show host Sam Sylk is close friends with him-Hi Tek was just a no show– Tek Holla at me Boss
    Cheri Dennis was shooting a movie-in NY
    Sent her dad to pick up the award for her-
    -Hmmm don’t know of too many other Nationals-
    Just information-Ray Cash sold a little bit
    Under 200,000 records on his first release-which is not bad for a new artist- with a lot of miscues from the label- but hopefully this time around- Hip Hop & Rick Rubin can get it right.
    Other notable mentions
    Al Fatz was in Philly-and didn’t return to late night- Shout out to the Afterparty at Cyrus- and Bobby living up to his name
    Bobby Champagne-and the party at the view-

    Shameless Plug-
    #1 Indie Album in the Country
    Dj Khaled-We Global-Koch-

    So we celebratin

    New Music Seminar-
    Nov 1st-
    15major label a&rs
    Come to cleveland


    Another Chance to make the industry know
    What goes on in Ohio
    Shout out to Carlos Acousta
    VP on Universal Motown and Sylvia Rhone
    For helping Bring my Vision to Cleveland-

    Get involved-

    Dem Franchise Boys
    Coming to Ohio Oct 10-12th

    And Trick Trick
    Coming soon!!!

    “Out Here Grindin”

    Still Thanks to all the next generation of talent coming up from Ohio
    Khadijah-Young Ray-Chase-Cali Miles-Buggs The Rocka-Kim Joyce-GTC-Cuntry-Gotta Husle-Al Fatz-Chip Da Ripper

    I Think pretty soon we will be talking good things about these artist

  116. 200,000 copies isn’t even Gold that’s not putting us where we need to be. I’m happy that Ray is trying to do something for Ohio, but we need not to rely on these artists that people really don’t know outside of Ohio to get Cleveland’s name and Hip Hop Scene on the map. People can have their friends, but business is business. Just like The South, New York, West Coast, The Bay, and Chicago are. We need industry professionals that work outside of Ohio that have major connections to get Ohio on the map. Nothing here obviously is doing that. The raw talent of some artists in Ohio is not being recongnized, and the wrong artists are representing our music scene. When majors in the industry see these artists it gives us a bad name and a bad look. These artists are not representing Ohio and our Hip Hop Scene correctly. When people see these artists they’re thinking that’s what Ohio represents…and believe me…they run for their lives in the opposite direction. We are not being taken seriously. Hip Hop has been around for 30 PLUS YEARS!!! AND OHIO STILL HAS NOT BEEN RECONGNIZED FOR A THING EXCEPT BONE, ON A NATIONAL/INTERNATIONAL LEVEL. So we need to keep moving forward with shows like The Ohio Hip Hop Awards, and we also need to start outsourcing OR IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN! Let’s really face reality and quit trying to make everyone come to us, because honestly…they don’t and they won’t. Let’s keep it real. There are too many people in Ohio that talk the talk but don’t walk the walk. People always say they are having this executive coming in or this label head coming in, so if they are…WHERE ARE THE RESULTS? WHERE ARE THE DEALS? I’m trying to put in my work outside of Ohio, but we are not taken seriously. That is obvious though, because if we were than we’d be on the map. We need to recongnize and praise the right artists and line them up, get the executives here and say…” This is what we have to offer.” Until that day…the future doesn’t look bright. No Deals are being signed and NO RESULTS are happening. Something needs to be done, OHHA is the ONLY Show/Event that is trying to do something about that, in the entire state. WE NEED RESULTS! So gather up all the so called shakers and movers and get some work done.

  117. Cali Miles? No seriously is she really hip hop? All BS aside here… Me and her are cool but uh…. is she hip hop or is she a snowbunni who loves hip hop…

  118. I think ray has done good for a new artist coming from a pretty much untapped market such as Ohio- for a major to invest in a new artist like Ray Cash that was a big experiment -same as when they took on Twista, Eminem, Nelly, Artist from the midwest region are hard because the industry as it stands-doesnt know how to market them. So yes Ray Cash is good in the books of me. There are a lot of Ohio Ties and a lot of the indies from the Ohio Music Scene just need to get there business together. I’ve seen it- I’m sure D Lorand and other who have worked National Campaigns for Major Artist or been inside these corporations.
    Sorry kween but I deal with all genres of music-so yes pop included–

    The Ohio Hip Hop Awards-

    The New Music Seminar
    Are events that are bringing Major Record Labels
    Into Ohio to recognize artist in the region, Recognize a culture from our artist. Without these Labels coming to see which artist that’s making a difference in there market thru different avenues of
    Radio, college radio, retail, online, & club

    Yes it just takes time to build a situation,
    Takes time to build a strong hip hop community foundation for this to become a recognized region and market. Working with TVT in there existence before they got bought out but hearing the Lil Jon’s, Pitbull’s, & Ying Yang Twins story on how far Atlanta was apart, how far Miami was apart and how it came together for the sake of the community and for it to be noticed. Being apart of the Houston Movement with Rap A Lot and Swishahouse- working with Bun B, Slim Thug, Mike Jones, Chamillionaire and seeing how they came out-& supported each others records and movement. And How they plan to get back on top by still working together- I thought of why this can’t happen for my area. So seein the Ray Cash, Al Fatz, & Chip Da Ripper’s go thru there major label situations and now getting a second chance is good for me-while Bone & Hi Tek have been mainstay’s in rap music for over 10years. And Lyfe bein Granted a label imprint with his third album only helps good stuff for Ohio & its artist.

    So Nov 1st- the executives are coming
    President of Universal
    VP oF universal/Motown
    Head A&R of Shady Records
    & so on
    Presidents, VP’s, A&R’s & more

    I hope people have there business plan’s, marketing plans, target demo’s, & music together

    Here’s a opportunity
    To get with the right people-
    Network with the right people-
    To improve your situation

    Nov 1st, 2008

    There’s information panels
    There artist showcases

    There’s a keynote speaker
    By the name of chris lighty
    President of jive records

    Almost founder of violator mgmt
    Home to
    Busta Rhymes, 50cent, Missy Elliott, the Clipse, Mobb Deep, & more

    Shout out to Russell Simmons, Lebron James, the Mayor Frank Jackson, & Willie Mcginnest speaking at the Obama Rally
    In Cleveland today-

    Hope u registered to vote-

    If anyone in detroit
    Jay Z free concert at cobo arena
    Supportin obama’s campaign

  119. So Sincere

    I am not saying this for more drama but I have to say it this way….THE OHHA IS NOT THE ONLY THING GOING ON HELPING GET OHIO NATIONAL ATTENTION! IE: Event in Cincy now nominated for an S.E.A…wasnt HUGE in ohio, but got national attention!people like: Kid Cudi, Ray, Bone, Chip, L.T.mOE, DJ Dimepiece, DJ GSpot, DJ Mick Boogie, DJ Blazita, DJ EV, and sooooo many more who are getting national attention that HELP get attention over to OHIO, now if we keep that attention or not, thats something else….all of those people recieved more national attention then the OHHA’s recieved, not saying that to be mean, saying that to state a fact.BUT Light is being shined on OHIO from MANY different ways from MANY different people.And thier hard work to HELP our scene and for them to admit they from here they should be noticed, and apperciated that they didnt forget where they came from when they got on….
    and early 06 interscope had a rep based in cleveland, why not exactly sure but I use to see him at TONS of events! and the ohha was not around yet when he was first based here….

  120. So this is where everyone went after Mick’s page got shit down…

  121. lol hahahaha…. you are the 4rd person I have heard say that! lol

  122. damn I never saw micks page… wtf? What happened? Why was it shut down?

  123. well Mick Boogies Forum was the HOT spot for 411, up and coming cleveland music and music in general and more..I just remember going on one day and it was filled with ummm..some not so nice hacker stuff and at the time a few other major websites were also hacked and flooded with nasty pics by a hacker so that might be why he shut it down but dont quote me on it.

  124. Man, I thought this was over…

    What up Vice!!! Where you been at homie? When’s the new music coming?

    Just send all your disgruntle web posters and lukers to the orginal board above….

  125. If you are in the Cleveland Area with Cable
    Please Check out Cleveland’s Station
    TV 20 Show dedicated to the 2008 Ohio Hip Hop Awards

  126. I got the Cyrus every Friday starting in 2 – 3 weeks. Come threw pop bottles I got tables for everyone who is VIP. Breakers/Bottles/Dimes = :)

    You can catch me doing a Limo promotion on Fridays for the next 3 weeks poppin bottles and so on ……so hit me up to kick it somethin nasty

    Hey I need a DJ that can do some sweet techno mixed with hip hop mash ups. I heard Terry do a couple hot ones is there any one else recommended?

  127. Did you say VIP? Its spelled K-W-E-E-N! 😉

  128. Who is This

    There are too many people in Ohio that talk the talk but don?t walk the walk.

    Who Da F@#k is this Lynsey Carr??? neva heard of this person in the scene… until these famous bashing of Cleveland Artists on Trillvision…

    This defenitly is a person TALKING & NO WALKING

    “Not trying to be rude, but who cares if Ray Cash doesn?t support OHHA, because honestly not very many people even know who he is outside of Ohio.”

    – evidently this person is way out of touch!!!

    your job is to get to RAY’s success… will be listening for WHO THA F@#K IS LYNSEY CARR?

    PS… Ray is a VERY PERSONAL FRIEND of Mine
    HI HATER!!!

  129. REAL HIP HOP FANS!!!!! I’m not sure if you guys know about it. but SUAVE GOTTI use to host a very notorius SPITBOXING NITE at various clubs in the 90’s. We’ll he’s brought those back. His opening night was the sunday before last. last sunday my group and I and all the promotion we did on Garbs Infinite BUTTER SHOW and DeLorands PLAYERS BALL helped out a lot but we still don’t have the REAL HIP HOP CROWD that is expected at this sort of event. If you want to really know who is dedicated to HIP HOP these are the sort of events your faces should be seen at because this events was made to see who the real HIP HOPPERS ARE. EVERY SUNDAY NIGHT AT THE SCRIPTS NITE CLUB ON THE EAST BANK OF THE FLATS. FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL D.J TECH WRECK AT 1(216) 624 6051. WE NEED SUPPORT AT THIS EVENT. MYSELF SOLO AND MY GROUP WILL BE PERFORMING THERE OFTEN SO GET USE TO OUR FACES BECAUSE WE WILL ALWAYS BE APART OF HIP HOP.

  130. Lollipop

    Wow…LMAO at some of the stuff said on here! I just happened up on this blog (since most of my time is spent working on business) I’m not a blogger. But I must say, D. Lorand we talked in email and I voiced my concerns and thoughts there, not in a open forum blog setting. In my opinion it is very un-professional to even complain in detail in a blog. Go to the board as they have open the door to do so. My only blog thoughts on the awards is better choice of entertainment, Grab artists that truly have a fanbase then you will have a better turn out. And I agree on having an academy choose the winners. (Even though my artist received runner up next to a major recording artist) and thats without us doing the please vote for me stunts… LOL anyway, great that you guys continue to strive for better every year. My final advice and I preach it everywhere: “Work smarter, not harder”. Trillvision… If you really want to cover something fresh and new its gotta be Visible lol.There’s no other label like mine in this whole state.

    Thanks for letting me share!

    Lolita Darlese Swain aka Lollipop “Queen of the Beats”
    CEO-Visible Lyrics Record Company

  131. Lollipop thanks for stopping by on the site to share your thoughts. We appreciate it.

  132. Be Real

    I would like to state for the record there is nothing to hate on. I would never stoop to the level of taking my clothes off, and rubbing baby oil on my boobs and doing porn for the world to see. I have more class than that. That is a sorry excuse for a human being and a waste of space. And girls like that need to be put on blast, especially when you are representing a show like the ohio hip hop awards, that should not be tolerated and it gives the awards a bad name. I’m gonna give charity luv respect so I’ll move this convo over to here. Why do young girls think its cute to be a whore these days? That shit ain’t cute and its not ok. Bitches need to get some respect, and I am saying bitches because they don’t even deserve to be called women. And for the person that said this website is unprofessional, you’re stupid, this is a matter of opinion, actually fact. I’m happy there is a website where people can actually go and keep it real. This is hip hop not the stock market, we don’t always have to be serious, we can keep it real. Please , anybody, let me know why young girls think its cute to act like groupie whores these days? I’m waiting…
    I can’t believe people think its ok to act like that, you should treat these girls like the whores and pigs they are, obviously thats what they want or they wouldn’t be stripping naked and doing porn for the world to see. Please anyone let me know.

  133. Yep, I am going to chime in on this one…..first, I agree that some models pictures may be a more sexual in content then the next, but unfortunatly sex sells…and I even have to admit I will put a phat ass chic on the cover of a mixtape in order to get it to sell…BUT i know whats on the mixtape to balance out the system, if it takes one women who shows her ass to get a record sold that has substance then well…her phat ass will go on the cover…

    As a women some people find it hard to beleve but I DO believe in video chics, shaking ass strippers and all that stuff.WHY???..because it sells…Dont get me wrong some clients they don’t want ANYTHING like that on thier stuff and I do as they request, but if I can get thier music heard, I will get thier music heard anyway needed. Knowning how to get thier records attention is half the battle…

    As far as someone saying this site is unprofessional, I think they meant some peoples comments were unprofessional not the site itself (i might be wrong but thats what i get)

    I agree 100% it is nice to see a site that people feel comfortable enough to say what they think and think how they feel…that is A RARITY and I myself at times have been crusified because I do say what I need to say.holding no punches…not always the best way to say it, but I SAY IT! WITH NO REGRETS..IF MORE PEOPLE WENT PUBLIC THEN I BET THE SYSTEM OF SO MANY THINGS WOULDN’T BE THE WAY THEY ARE! When people speak up against things, it causes a revolution and that makes people very NERVOUSE and in the end….when you speak ask yourself…am i doing this for the better or for self? if it is for better..ALWAYS speak up! NOTHING can stop you BUT YOU!

    Opinions are like assholes…everyones got one!lol people who have no idea about situations but for some reason feel the need to have to throw out thier two cents and what they think which normally makes them either look dumb or can make other people see things from an outside perspective…..
    thats the great thing about free will and free speach..and….it also can make the snakes in the grass get led to water! its a beautiful thing!

    At the end of the day, what YOU consider porn ends up being YOUR opinion, we each have our own levels of what bothers us…like me I love LOVE LOVE the word CUNT and can’t stand the word BITCH…but not many women or people for that matter will agree with that….again its how I FEEL.

    *and to be honest, my job would be 10 times easier if I was SUPER HOT! Please believe I have been told that, shown that and then some! and at times, I DO WISH I was because this grind is hard to keep up for 4 years and counting non stop!If I had a BANGIN body, you best believe you would see my face A LOT more then you see it now!!!*

  134. Well without being rude like you let me explain something to you. A lot of girls get in it for the attention. Thats it. Urban Modeling IS NOT MODELING. They are basically video girls, nothing more nothing less. They could NEVER do anything but that type of stuff. You would never see them walking down a runway in Paris at a Versace show. How a lot of young girls get to that point is basically their managers fault. They get these greedy people out to make money that have absolutley NO CLUE about the modeling industry whatsoever. Shooting with a photographer, being ” dimepiece” of the week, dancing in a video, being eyecandy, IS NOT MODELING!!!! If 99% of these girls walked into a real modeling agency, they would be kicked out the door, and would NEVER get signed. You would NEVER see BOOTZ or Delicious in a Dolce & Gabanna ad, you would NEVER see Buffy the Body in a Victoria’s Secret Campaign, because they ARE NOT REAL MODELS, THEY ARE VIDEO GIRLS. You wouldn’t even see them in Playboy. People especially women are quick to call themselves models these days, but they have no incling of what a real model is. Shooting with a no name photographer does not make you a model and neither does being Eye Candy. These young girls get taken advantage of by people that are out to make quick buck. With the hopes of becoming a model. But in this world you have smart people and stupid people, the stupid ones end up nowhere. Girls don’t realize pictures and videos ARE FOREVER! You’ll never be able to get rid of that for the rest of your life. It’s real sad, but this is the exact thing that REAL MODELING AGENCIES like Ford, Elite, New York Models, etc. warn young girls about all the time. It’s sad, but this is the ugly side of modeling. Young girls are promised the world and will do ANYTHING just to get their name out there, but they don’t realize they are producing their own demise and are setting themselves up for failure, because no one will take you seriously after you do something like porn, they won’t risk their brand or give their company a bad name. Because there are millions of other girls that haven’t done porn, and they are less risky to deal with. So once you do something like Porn…you have to keep doing Porn, your name is tarnished. You will always be know as the girl that did that Porn Video. But if thats what a girl wants to do, then thats her business. But honestly ” Be Real ” you don’t have to be so rude and ignorant, who are you to put someone on blast??? That’s just wrong.

  135. Lollipop

    Was Be Real talking about me?? If anyone wants to address me then address me don’t say “the person that said”. If he was talking about me then Sincere you are right. I said the comments were unprofessional, not the site. Anyways he doesn’t realize that he is doing free promotions for CiCi…I as well as a few others would have never known the site existed if it wasn’t for him so of course I went to look at it LOL! Who’s the real dummy lol.

    Anyway…FREE SPEECH, FREE WILL. We all have choices. To either speak out ALL the time or shut the fuck up. Most should do the latter.

    The empty wagon makes the most noise.

  136. Heiku

    Ok yall- gotta put my 2 cents in-
    Modeling is a word that describes a profession and in THIS country individuals who’re in this industry sterotypically ALL look the same if not similar.
    White, or light skin- VERY skinny- etc…
    Beauty is trully in the eye of the beholder and so (in my opinon) is class.
    Black women or women in general don’t have to subscribe to the same “requirements” that these other woman do. I like that black woman have outlets like Eye Candy, of Jet Magazine-
    Why? Simply because if our artistic efforts aren’t recognized by the majority then it’s our job to CREATE something where we are appreciated (ie Image Awards, etc…)
    In the game of football there are tons of ways to get to the endzone (passes, run plays, fumble recoveries, etc…). In life there are tons of ways to achieve your personal goals. I guess we won’t know how effective an individuals’s path is until it’s all over. If Tyra had her girls on Next Top Model do a topless shoot would we call it porn? Would the ladies who participated in it be considered sluts?
    Congrats to Cici for winning the award. We are looking forward to having you on the Trill Couch as well as some of the other artists that won in this years OHHA. The interview that we had with Charity was dope and showed that she definitely has a lot going on as well. I think both of these ladies have the potential for great professional careers. Everyone’s opinions are appreciated. I just think it’s time to move on.

  137. Yes but would Tyra have the America’s Next Top Model Contestants put baby oil on the breasts and play with them and shoot a video for it with a song in the backround saying ” girls like to give it up? ” There is a difference between being sexy, artistic nude, and PORN. You can take nude photos and have it done it a classy way. Porn is when you are nude and doing a sexual act. Magazines like XXL, The Source, and Hip Hop Mags in General exploit women. I would be offended if someone called me eyecandy or dimepeice of the week, and I think most women that had any sense would be too. 9 out of 10 girls in videos are being exploited. You can be sexy without being direspectful to yourself and others. I’m through talking about this though. Nothing I could say would change people’s minds, and if they want to see the proof all you have to do is go to the website. I can’t disrespect anyone more than they’ve already disrespected themself. And thats not what I’m out to do. I can’t make you look bad…you make yourself look bad. It’s just sad that young girls today will do ANYTHING! Back when I was in high school you would be called a slut if you were doing those types of things, now you are cool if you make a sex tape. I just have different morals and was brought up different. It ain’t what you do it’s how you do it. I am through with all the drama people wanna start with me…and we all know who I’m talking about. I never started any of this drama, I was simply responding to the attacks this person made on me and against me. But I’m better than her and that. Now I will have a authorative figure handle it from here. But she is what gives women a bad name….and I won’t be involved. I’m not gonna be the one everyone laughs at. I don’t want to protray ” the dumb bitches fighting” personna. I better tha that, so have a field day with your drama, porn, and hate. Let’s just see where you are in 5 years and where I am. Shit we can just look at it right now! Where are you in your life right now and where am I??? I don’t have a job or a hobby I have a career, big difference. I feel bad for women these days, no self respect, class, or education. This is sickening, if I ever have a daughter, I wonder, who will she look up too? From now on I will not respond to anymore drama…so have a field day bitches…You’re the ones that look like uneducated, classless, baffoons.

  138. Man… I didn’t want to touch this but I will… I am on both sides of the coin with this but leaning more towards the more tasteful sexy side. I’d be a hypocrite if I said that I didn’t watch porn so I’m not gonna say its evil. I’ve learned quite a bit myself but when we venture into the actual mainstream aspect (the hip hop, movies, commercials, etc…) I think these video ho chicks are laughable. Now that doesn’t include all of them. Dancers (real dancers not strippers are different). Here is my example of sexy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e9fcNjqK5Pk

    Thats Soul Sista by Bilal… I love it..its artistic and very very tastefully made!

    Then there is : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GCjSyUXGGxQ

    Keep in mind the next video I posted ^^^IS NOT JOB FRIENDLY!!

    Its Tip Drill…

    Clear difference.

    So much can be said about the degredation of the woman and specifically the black woman but there is a long road to travel to gain a better understanding and appreciation for us as more than just creatures anxiously awaiting to be fucked.

    Unfortunately Sincere I CAN NOT agree with you with your approach as for as selling a product. It means you are a part of the PROBLEM not the solution buying into what the “man” wants you to by into because there are more like you who will say… “who wants to by a mix cd with ill ass graphic art and graffitti when we can hand Delicious upside down from a chandelier lubed and glistening in blue hair grease with her milk makers jiggling in unison (sp?)” I preffer mix cd’s that resemble the scion samplers myself… I KNOW I CAN FIND ILL ASS HIP HOP ON THEM…. most of the others just have Gucci Gucci and more uh…. GUCCI

    I knock no one’s hustle… I’ve been known to expose the twins on occasion. Not for profit but.. well hell they are quite amazing but overall I think we need to redirect the appeal of Hip Hop. Its so much more than tits ass and baby oil…. So the celebration of that is pretty uh… wack!

    Just my 45 cents…

  139. Wow! Where do I start?

    I wrote/voiced my opinion with the 1st. Post & Trillvision gets over 140 posts – congrats Trill (can I get an award for getting Trill the most comments?) — LOL just joking 😉

    I checked many comments throughout the post, many in agreeance to what I wrote, some cover-ups, some lies, some hate, some drama, some dis-respect, & some Truth and MANY opinions – even mine.

    Throughout Life there are always people voicing their opinion & believe that there opinion is Truth! Truth doesn’t need nothing to Stand-On, although opinions & lies do need support to make the messanger look good. People in society, although many in the city Complain, Bitch, Moan & Point the finger at people or circumstances because of what they “believe.” Its almost like someone saying that their religion is superior.

    If more people focus on themselves instead of passing judgement this world & especially this city would defenitly be better off. I could keep going, although I think much more could be said on the couch!

    Trill what’s up???

  140. Wow – almost another 100 posts since my #51 – Velo I’m gonna need to charge you a publicity fee lol…interesting stuff, I’m not gonna chime in on it all, not really my style. I stand behind my previous statements, and the only reason I went public with those 2 posts was, as I said, sometimes you have to just set the record straight IN PUBLIC when comments get reckless.

    One thing I do wanna say though, in all sincerity, is that I really am appreciative & proud of the passion for the OHHA movement and Ohio Hip Hop & entertainment in general. I learned a long time ago that the most important thing isnt whether people love or hate what you do professionally, but whether anyone cares at all. There has been such passion invoked as a result of the OHHA movement since it began just 2 short yrs ago – pro and con – that I know along our path of improvement we at least have a foundation that literally thousands of people are very passionate about, which means we’re on the right path. I think a deep rooted, serious passion is one of the 1st steps needed to truly revolutionize our scene’s structure and standing on the world stage.

    My reason for posting today is to say that Sincere and I did talk a couple wks ago via a conference call set-up by Velo, and although we didnt agree on a lot, we did agree on a few things. One of which was that we wont be coming on the Trill couch together for a screaming match – sorry I know there were a lot of you looking fwd to it lol…but we acknowledged that although we feel strong about our stances its not really the best look for us professionally. So hey, if Obama & Hillary can be civil after all is said and done, so can we. Although I think its safe to assert that she wont be making speeches endorsing my bid to be the leader of the free world lol but trust and beleive in spite of that I WILL continue to make history :-)

    Another major point to come out of that conversation is that there seems to be a serious contingency of people who have many questions to ask about the OHHA and the processes involved, but are fearful to ask me/us thinking that there might be some blacklisting/professional backlash against them in regards to there participation in the OHHA process? Interesting to me, I dont really get that…I used the fact that many of the artists she retains as clients being nominated and some in fact WINNING an OHHA as the perfect example of how ridiculous a notion that is to me. This is one of those times I guess that I need to remind myself that everyone doesnt think like me, therefore I have to state what I think is the obvious – I dont do business like that! I understand that the OHHA movement is bigger than me and my personal emotions – and I dont let my personal feelings bias the will of the people. Trust me – if I did, I couldnt even be a part of it from day one! There are LOTS of artists/mgrs/producers, media, etc…from Ohio that I dont personally care for as human beings lol…but guess what? Many of them have been all over the OHHA ballots from day one. If they are relevant then they are in, irregardless of my personal feelings for them.

    Lollipop made a good point in her post – she had a question about something that she didnt understand or maybe didnt agree with. She had heard something from one of my partners and was confused so she reached out to me for some clarification. I explained to her the process that she inquired about specifically and it was all cleared up – whether she was in total agreement with it or not, it was cleared up and she understood. We had a civil, professional exchange – she had a question and wasnt fearful of any negative backlash to ask her question. That’s a true professional and I respect her for how she handled it. My personal belief is that if someone is scared to ask critical questions re: career advancement for fear of negative repurcussions then this game isnt cut out for you. But then, Velo said that he had heard some of the same concerns.

    So, my partners and I have set it up to visit the Trill Palace this Sunday, Oct 26 2008. During this time we will give our offcial review of the 2008 OHHA, as well as answer any questions people have about rules, qualifications, processes, etc…whatever folks are curious about. Feel free to email us your questions to info@ohiohiphopawards.com btwn now and this Friday Oct 24th. If you have “fear of negative repurcussions” then send your questions from an anonymous source, someone else’s email @ddress, get a new free one from hotmail or gmail, etc…whatever, however you need to do it. Siege and Heiku will moderate the question & answer session, and hopefully all issues can be addressed. Again, this process is nothing without those who participate and feel passionate about it, so we want to do everything we can to communicate effectively as possible to the public. Thanks again for all your support!

    -d.Lorand Jackson

  141. first…kween “Unfortunately Sincere I CAN NOT agree with you with your approach as for as selling a product. It means you are a part of the PROBLEM not the solution buying into what the ?man?” AS A WOMEN I 100% AGREE that!

    -but as just a person (not a man or women) in the biz i have to state facts, and it is more so for my DJ’s that I do put pics of women on the covers not the clients that are artists..its a shitty fact of the biz, but I also think that it is a women’s right to take off her clothes, and if i can place her promos on the cover of a legit mixtape,im ok with that i have to set aside my personal women thoughts on some things even though i hate it sometimes, like milla and mylasia i recently put on a cover, they both are working hard the pics are not noodies lol but they do some some ass…and they helps sell but also i hand picked them because they are both from the areas highlighted on the mixtape and because of thier exposure as urban models so it all goes hand in hand.
    I think I didn’t state all that before i appologize.

    They get wanted promos I get wanted promos my clients get wanted promos it all works hand in hand…

    BUT I apperciate more then you know how you stand for something and said it out loud! whether i agree or not i respect anyone who stands for something and can voice it!!! you ROCK!
    you also must know that when I did work with models I REFUSED to do noodies that wasnt what i wanted to be resprented..just a lil inside info.(even though there is nothing wrong with it) i just had a certain mind set on what i wanted. and as a women in the biz around me.
    but i cant knock the hustle! shit if i wasn bangin i probably would have had my clothes off a LONG time ago lol

    and d.Lorand….
    Hell yeah i would nominate you as the next person to run the free world..again even though we don’t agree, we were able to talk. and I would nominate you because I RESPECT ANYONE THAT HOLDS TO THIER BELIEFS AND THOUGHT PROCESS….Your views and the way you do things (now that i have more light on some issues) they may not be mine or the way i do things, but I do respect it.

  142. LOL… All your posts I read and hear your voice its amazing,lol. Yeah I feel you to a certain extent Sincere I do. Trust me my bank account says I need to grease up pretty soon as well but I think our difference of opinion comes from the lives we’ve lead and our exposure to whatever may have helped mold us as women. Am I right? Eh… it don’t even make a difference. The reality is what it is. I’m attempting to change reality as we all perceive it but how tangible is that REALLY! I dunno.

    I like a good rack like the next mate I just can’t go out like that. But then again… time can only tell. You live grow and learn ya digg?


  144. What’s the good word men? Had to reach out because I was looking at one of my favorite sites http://www.thisis50.com and I seen this video of this cat name Lou Draws. Shit was mad funny. So I seen there was an interview with him and there I see you two. So then I head to Trillvision.com and I see y’all doin’ the damn thing. Must say, I was very entertained. I was supposed to come the the Ohio Hip Hop Awards, but things came up. But y’all cats gave me alot of info about it. Besides that, how have y’all been? I’m glad to see that the music is still poppin’ for you two. Me, I’m “still” out here trying to make good music because I love it. If you get a chance, check out the myspace page at http://www.myspace.com/bigbaldheadentertainment. I just released my new CD entitled Simply Complicated and I’ve been getting a really good response on it. I still bump your first EP from time to time as well as the second. Ain’t nothing like good hip hop music. Keep up the good work and hopefully we’ll hook up soon.

    BIG BALD HEAD ENTERTAINMENT/studio B-237 productions

    PS. Oh yeah…Heiku, I was diggin’ in the vaults and found the joint me and you did called “Real Love”. I’ll have to send you the MP3 of it. And Siege…my joint is still “One Eye Open” that I put on my last album.

  145. Siege

    What up Prime? Good to see you still doin your thing glad you came through and checked things out, I’ll check out your new stuff asap.