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Soul Calibur IV

[flv: 480 360]

Trillvision doesn't review video games, we play them. And one that we like in particular is none other than Soul Calibur IV. Let me explain how typical session of SCIV goes:?Siege I win about 8 in a row and talk a whole bunch of trash while me Siege?and Heiku share a controller. Then Siege I let somebody win one so that me Siege and Heiku don't feel bad, so?we they can finally play each other, and so?Siege I can go to get another brew. Just watch the damn video... Siege I gotta step his my game up.


  1. Siege

    Get Ya Games up! The Champ is here!

  2. CGaines

    I’ll admit, I haven’t been practicing. I’ve been helping Lou get ready for his birthday. Once that’s over I’m doing two-a-days.

  3. cin-a-bunn aka Polar bear express

    You know what…I got 5 on it! See you in the winter! -polar bear express ridin in on dirty 13’s!

  4. I want in on the next Soul Calibur Tournament.

  5. Siege

    Velo what I tell you about watchin re-runs??

  6. Yeah Yeah I know I know “And the House Wins!!”