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Ray Cash Intv – Semi-Pro

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Ray Cash stopped by our booth on his birthday and share info on his upcoming projects and his candid opinion about some celebrities. Granted his birthday was a few weeks ago and this vid is a little old, but ask anybody's grandpa and they will tell you the same: You might not get it up as soon as you want to, but it's the fact that you got it up that counts... did I go to far with that? Oh well...

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  1. marvalbert

    “she’s like a white kat williams…shes goes on the coon list too” …….”she went to jail for 23 days and got out like she was f-in mandella mannnn” ……. “parents just don’t understand you can kiss a man” ….im dyin over here!

  2. Speed

    Speed is NOT mad at Ray Cash’s sense of humor.
    That Semi-Pro movie is gonna be the S-h-i-t!

  3. this is a good trill- ray cash was honest on this joint
    – comedy-his movie selection was top notch-
    sunset on sundays- hot spot for cleveland music scene
    itw- trillvision-

  4. Paulie Rhyme

    Yeah, ya boy Ray was Clowning!!! That Semi Pro joint is gon be one for the ages…now if we can just get 3000 back in the booth fulltime

  5. good look with that Paulie- I think he’s gone for good unfortunately.

  6. On the real much thanks goes out to Big Heff for allowing us to film at Sunset on Sunday nights. I speak for everybody in saying thanks for all your help and support with this site. The interviews are much appreciated. This site is very much “Heff and Friends”!!

  7. heff & friends- too funny i did say that
    im just glad to provide another outlet for the music scene-
    thanks to u guys for making it happen-

  8. Jeff

    Yo ya’ll brothers are crazy for this whole site. Lovin it. HEIKU I NEED SOME TRACKS.!.!.!